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Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a year of big changes and new opportunities. I started my second year of law school. I became a club president and scheduled debates. I had to buy a new car. I started a new job, which sadly meant leaving people I loved working with.

I've messed up and cried and wished for it to be Friday already A LOT. I've laughed and smiled and fed people Pop-Tarts and ramen from my locker stash. I got life right sometimes, and sometimes it less right. ;)

I'm thankful for my family's support, for my friends keeping me sane and for God keeping life going, even and especially when I have no clue what I'm doing.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Apparently I'm a Romance Reader?

I'm generally not a big romance person. I'll take it as a subplot, but even then I'm super picky about which romances I like. So it's super weird to look at my 2016 reading stats and realize I've read a lot of romance novels this year.
Like...weird. I can probably attribute the shift to reading a lot of free e-books that I can breeze through in a night or two. They're good for an escape from law school homework--no pressure, no high expectations, etc.

Unfortunately, a large number of these romance reads were 1-stars for me. So I got through them quickly, but when it came time to review, I couldn't say I liked them. :P

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews Review

Because when one finds oneself in the fortunate position of having acquired a $5 Amazon gift card, one immediately spends it on two to three ebooks. Obviously. (How many of you just pictured Snape saying that?)

I think I first saw this recommended by Anya a while back. Since then, I've consistently enjoyed all the books in Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series, and this sounded like fun. Spoiler: it was. :)

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews
Series:  Innkeeper Chronicles#1
Genres: SFF, Adventure, Urban Fantasy(?)
Published on January 1, 2012
Published by Ilona Andrews
On the outside, Dina Demille is the epitome of normal. She runs a quaint Victorian Bed and Breakfast in a small Texas town, owns a Shih Tzu named Beast, and is a perfect neighbor, whose biggest problem should be what to serve her guests for breakfast. But Dina is...different: Her broom is a deadly weapon; her Inn is magic and thinks for itself. Meant to be a lodging for otherworldly visitors, the only permanent guest is a retired Galactic aristocrat who can’t leave the grounds because she’s responsible for the deaths of millions and someone might shoot her on sight. Under the circumstances, "normal" is a bit of a stretch for Dina.

And now, something with wicked claws and deepwater teeth has begun to hunt at night....Feeling responsible for her neighbors, Dina decides to get involved. Before long, she has to juggle dealing with the annoyingly attractive, ex-military, new neighbor, Sean Evans—an alpha-strain werewolf—and the equally arresting cosmic vampire soldier, Arland, while trying to keep her inn and its guests safe. But the enemy she’s facing is unlike anything she’s ever encountered before. It’s smart, vicious, and lethal, and putting herself between this creature and her neighbors might just cost her everything.

Halloween Reading Recs & Giveaway

If you're in the mood for scary this Halloween, there are lots of classics to choose from: Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Edgar Allan Poe to name a few. If you're looking for something a little more contemporary, there are still lots of great tales features monsters, ghosts, vampires and witches.

Giveaways are always a great place to start. ;)

Discussion: Race and the Diversity Conversation

I struggled a lot over how to write this and whether to post it. I reached out to a friend to give it a first look, and I'm still not sure it adequately conveys the thought bunnies running around my head. I know it isn't everything (because that would be more of a 500-page thesis than a blog post), but I decided it was worth throwing out there and seeing what you guys thought. I think it's worth discussing.

I've talked a little about diversity in YA in previous discussion posts, and I've followed the general discussion regarding diversity in literature on Twitter lately. I wondered about some of the following questions:

  1. When you think "diversity," do you think "non-white/straight/able, etc. minorities" or the "full spectrum of people including those who are white/straight/able, etc."?
  2. When you think "diversity" do you think 1) race, gender, sexuality, ability, etc.; 2) character, culture, belief, etc.; or 3) mix of both?

I'm really curious about the ways people think about this topic.

September Roundup

The semester is in full swing and it's been BUSY. I decided to go for a little more this fall so I'd have some flexibility with my spring schedule, but whew. This is probably the closest I've come to overload in a long while, and God dragging me out of bed is the only way I get up to face traffic some mornings. Morning traffic = not fun.

All the Thoughts: Social Media Manners

I have thoughts about Twitter (and social media in general). They are too long to fit inside a tweet, and I haven't posted here in a bit, so blog. :)

In a nutshell, Twitter has become a very depressing place.

I'm not a huge social media user. I'm not on Twitter 24/7. I just check in once in a while when I'm bored, avoiding homework or responding to a mention. Yet in the last three weeks, I haven't been able to log on once without seeing the aftermath of some book community incident.

Image source
Image source

Ghostly Echoes Sneak Peek

Sneak peeks can be really good or really bad. Or both. I remember reading the first chapter of Six of Crows online and being SO excited for the full book (which I stood in line for forever at BEA); then the full book disappointed in a major way. I have a good feeling this one will prove a good sneak peek for an even better full story.

If you haven't read the second book yet, feel free to check out my review of Beastly Bones instead.

This 6-chapter sneak peek was provided by the publisher for review. Some things may have changed in the final version.
Ghostly Echoes by William Ritter
Series: Jackaby #3
Genres: YA, Paranormal, Historical
Published on August 23, 2016
Published by Algonquin Young Readers
Jenny Cavanaugh, the ghostly landlord of 926 Augur Lane, has enlisted the services of her detective-agency tenants to solve a decade-old murder--her own. Abigail Rook and her eccentric employer, R. F. Jackaby, dive into the cold case, starting with a search for Jenny’s fiancĂ©, who went missing the night she died. But when a new, gruesome murder closely mirrors the events of ten years prior, Abigail and Jackaby realize that Jenny’s case isn’t so cold after all, and her killer may be far more dangerous than they suspected.

Fantasy and folklore mix with mad science as Abigail’s race to unravel the mystery leads her across the cold cobblestones of nineteenth-century New England, down to the mythical underworld, and deep into her colleagues’ grim histories to battle the most deadly foe she has ever faced.