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Kingdom of Exiles: Pokemon for Adults

I was one of those kids who grew up watching Pokemon.  So when I read Maxym M. Martineau's Kingdom of Exiles, an adult paranormal romance book full of magical creatures with special abilities you have to charm/capture and imprison in an alternate dimension to be called upon as needed...

I immediately thought of Pokemon.

Technically there's a whole fantasy world with other elements thrown in and not everything revolves around the magical creatures.  In fact, most things don't, and there are other regular animals.  (Which reminds me, did we ever find out what the hamburgers in Pokemon were made of?)

And there's a little romance here.  Not the most compelling I've ever read, but at least it moved beyond Pokemon's "guy with unrequited feelings" gimmick.

June Recap: BookCon, Big News and Blog Bewilderment

It's been a while again. Where to start?

Big news:  I found a post-clerkship job for September. Very excited to have that covered. Now I just need to find my next apartment and we'll be all set.

Other June stuff:  The whole family got together for a week in Florida. I finally met my new niece in person, took many walks on a lovely beach, and even hit a few tennis balls. I got to a barbecue and a pizza night, and otherwise it's pretty much been work, sleep, and a very little cooking.

Also, my ancient smartphone gave me a scare: the dreaded "question mark" battery power. Yeah. A good night's charge seems to have it back to normal, but it might be nearing time to order a replacement.

Book stuff:  My feet survived a day at BookCon, and I grabbed a few books!

The super cute picture book, How to Make a Monster Smile, went to the niece. I thought Crush was a fantastic middle grade graphic novel!  Kingdom of Exiles was fun, although I wanted a little more detail on the world-building (definite Pokemon vibes here), and I wish the progression of the main relationship had grabbed me a little more. I haven't read the rest yet. So many books, so little time, as always.

April-May Catching Up

First things first: in case you didn't see, I passed the Pennsylvania bar exam! Whoo! Super happy!

In other news, I hate to say it, but it's a little hard to get back into the habit of blogging after taking a couple of months off. It's not entirely surprising. About 99% of my daily energy goes to work and job hunting, and I haven't read many books this year that have wowed me (or that I've hated with enough of a passion to rant, haha). So I'm sitting in this awkward middle ground where I don't feel like I have a lot to say, but I want to reengage and get back in the blogging habit...

Book News:
I'm coming up on the end of a Kindle Unlimited trial. It has some good reads, but I haven't seen enough of them to warrant the $10/month price tag, so it'll probably be good-bye after this.

And I am going to one day of BookCon in June!

I don't have a schedule planned yet, but I'm trying to keep it fun and loosey-goosey. If you want to say hi or hang out or need an emergency food/coffee drop while you're waiting in a ridiculously long line (I am making an empanada run at some point), let me know!

Oh, and I randomly started messing with my Goodreads ratings, which I will probably come to regret. But I had all these 3-stars from this year, and they ranged from "really liked it and just a few things brought it down" to "I only liked half of it" to "it just barely made it out of meh territory." That seemed useless, so I bumped a few up to 4 stars. Now I'm debating whether I need to go back and make similar fixes with all my past ratings. Which would be a lot of work. I probably won't. I mean, a 3-star rating hasn't kept me from rereading or recommending something I liked, and sometimes I find myself rereading things I didn't love the first time around and not rereading things I loved on the first read. All that to say, I make no sense. Anyone else have similar experiences?

When a Mood Makes You Put a Book Down

I'm back to blogging! Quick recap: the Pennsylvania bar exam is over--just waiting on results. My clerkship ends in August, so I'm in job-hunting mode. Otherwise, it's the usual: work, reading, a little TV, a little exercise (need to work on that), and messing around with a story idea. And now blogging again, too!

Today, I want to chat about how sometimes a story doesn't work for me because I'm in a particular mood or headspace. It's a weird place to be because I'm still interested in the story, but I just can't deal with how it's playing out? Which makes me sound like a mess (which I probably am, haha), but basically I reach a tipping point where frustration outweighs enjoyment, and I want to enjoy what I'm reading for fun. Or at least not want to throw things. ;)

Merry Christmas to All

Hi guys! So, I've kind of checked out of blog-land for a bit. I'm still reading (just hit 60 books for the year!) and doing OTSP secret sister and TBTBSanta gift exchanges and stuff, but between work and bar prep (mostly bar prep), I'm not feeling super inspired to blog? Or I guess, more accurately, I have a bunch of post ideas, but no energy to write them, lol?

So this is an "I'm still alive and will see you again more regularly after the February Pennsylvania bar exam" post. I really, really pray I pass because I would love NEVER to take another bar exam. Ever. But I have a lot of post ideas, some of them bookish, some of them life-ish, and some of them lazy cooking/adulting related. I'm looking forward to getting back to chatting with people in this medium again. Twitter and Instragram are great for some things, but blogging definitely does some things better.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you! I hope you have a great holiday season and lots of fun and good books in the new year. I'll be back in March. Until then, happy reading!

Book Roundup: Romance, Magic and Superhero Babies

Good news: I passed the New Jersey bar exam! Whoo! Bad news: bar prep 2.0 is in full swing for the Pennsylvania February exam. Pity the fool? I am that fool. :)

Before I return to the Batcave of Studying, here's a quick roundup of my recent reads. Skipping over the books that were just okay, because life's short.

Wildfire -- I finished the Hidden Legacy trilogy and liked all three! I'm a little sad to see Nevada's story end, but it looks like we're getting more novels in this world focused on her sisters. Which I shall read.

One Year Older, One Year Thankful

I had a birthday this month. It's been a year of big life changes. I took my first solo vacation abroad. I graduated law school. I took the New Jersey bar exam (still waiting on the results). I moved into a new apartment and am living completely alone (no dog, no nothing) for the first time.

And some things never change. I read a bunch of books (60 from birthday to birthday). I attempted crafts, some attempts more successful than others. (I'm still knitting this second scarf.) I'm still a spendthrift/cheapskate. I'm still a nerd.

I usually use this space to tell people when I find good books, but today I'd like to reflect on all the people who have helped me make it through this year and say thank you.

I want to thank God. I couldn't have made it without him. I want to thank my family. My parents were behind me 100% through law school and beyond, and it would have a been a whole different story without them. I want to thank the law school friends who helped me understand things that didn't click, commiserated over exams and bar prep, and just sat and talked like we were still normal people with lives outside of school. We weren't, but it was nice of you to pretend with me.

I want to thank all the wonderful people I've met through the #OTSPsecretsister program and especially my sister pen pals. You'll never know just how far a little cheer went. I want to thank the blogger friends who talked books and life and everything in between. I want to thank the friends who encouraged me to try their favorite TV shows and laughed graciously when I critiqued said shows with Disney gifs. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me, made me laugh, and pushed me to work harder, and to relax. Thank you for every little, seemingly insignificant gesture of kindness. It wasn't insignificant.

This birthday, I celebrate that I'm still standing after all the change. I hope to hold onto the good and let go of the bad. But this birthday, more than anything, I'm grateful for all the amazing, good-hearted people in my life. You guys are incredible, and you deserve celebration. Thank you.

The 100 Reactions, Eps 8-13: The Disney Edition

And we're back with more reactions to The 100! Shannon at It Starts at Midnight is a HUGE fan of The 100. (See her episode recaps and other The 100 posts here.) She talked me into giving it a try once Bar season was over, and I'm super surprised she's still excited to hear my thoughts given how badly I've ripped the show's plotting and logic so far. ;)

I exercised some restraint  on length this time, so here go reactions to the rest of Season 1!

In case it wasn't obvious, there could be spoilers below for The 100, Season 1, Episodes 8-13. Again, last chance.


Now, on to the fun!

Reactions, Episodes 8-13: The Disney Edition

S1/E8: Glad Bellamy had a come to Jesus moment. Sad he still lacks brains.

Finn, your misdealings cost you your influence with Clarke. Be ashamed.

Clarke, stop saying "no choice" or "did the best I could." Stop making excuses. Start making better choices. Octavia, you're a brat. Also, y'all should probably start testing food before getting the whole camp high.