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Updates 1/26/14

I write everything down. My desk at work is littered with Canary yellow Post-its crammed with tiny, messy scrawls (and one very cute pencil sketch of Doug from "Up"). The more I write down, the easier it is to see what I've done and the less I have to worry about remembering. Cucumber Updates is a new feature combining posts like "Books in the Mail" with updates on my reading schedule, reviews and occasional slices of life.

So, without further ado, updates!

I received two emails on Thursday that made me very, very happy. I'm still smiling! :D I won the No Strings Attached Giveaway Hop at Lori's Reading Corner (a $20 Amazon gift card) and the Blogoversary Giveaway at The Eater of Books (a box of ARC's)! *happy dance* A big thank you to Lori and Alyssa! Feel free to check out their blogs and give them some love!

Nothing sounds quite as exciting after that, but this week, I finished reading...


This week's posts:
Top Ten Things on My Reading Wishlist
Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George (3 stars)
Shop Talk: Print v. Digital

Definitely time for some shut-eye before babysitting and work tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with this week's Monday! :D


  1. I'm assuming you're going to write a review later, but I'm going to ask anyway - how was Written in Red?

    1. I will write a review...soon-ish. (I'm completely failing at writing my posts ahead of time right now.) Written in Red was actually pretty good. Not, "oh my gosh, I loved it," but I generally enjoyed the story. It had some great little pieces of humor and, despite a moment of fear, no romance! :D

  2. I absolutely loved WRITTEN IN RED! And I've been wanting to read The Princess Curse - did you love it? I need to pick it up. I don't think I'll read White Space after all and I'm sending my ARC to my blog partner cause she's super excited for it.

    1. The Princess Curse was a 3-star read for me. Not the greatest thing ever, but light and enjoyable. :) White Space was very different from my usual reads, but I think I liked it. Review up on WS tomorrow if you want to hold off on giving away the ARC just in case. ;)