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Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014

Many thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for being the creative force behind this meme every week!

They're not all bookish or book-related, but, in no particular order, here are my ...

Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014
  1. Complete one full year of blogging here at No Cucumber Sandwiches. It's my first go at a "real" blog and I look forward to lots of reading and fun posts in 2014!
  2. Daily Bible study. I've been an unbelievable slacker on this for too long.
  3. Read 75 books this year, per my GoodReads challenge. (I fell a little short in 2013, but I have high hopes for the new year.)
  4. Finish the story I began in NaNoWriMo 2013. I made the 50,000 mark ... and probably have another 50,000 to go.
  5. Build a bookshelf. The ones I have are filled and overflowing thanks to my book buying addiction, and I've been meaning to try my hand at building something for a while. Wish me luck and no accidentally nailed appendages!
  6. Read more classic literature. I say I'm going to do this every year, but I remain painfully under-read in this area.
  7. Cook. The microwave and toaster oven are my best friends, but I would like to attempt slightly more complex dishes.
  8. Meet more book bloggers! There are a ton of amazing book blogs out there and I can't wait to find them and talk with other people who love books across the world.
  9. Not waste as much time on TV and Netflix. It's so easy to get drawn in ... and find out three hours have passed in a blink.
  10. Not get sick. I suppose this is a little beyond my control, but it's a goal. ;)

Good luck to everyone with your New Year's resolutions! Any good reading/writing goals in there? :)


  1. Good luck with your resolution to not get sick. ;) I was so good about reading classics in 2012 - got through so much Dickens that year. But last year I slipped a little. I need to at least finish DOMBEY AND SON this year.

    1. Yeah, already hoping and praying on that last one ... Dad's hacking up a storm and it's just a matter of time before my office catches something from someone's kids.

      I am still ashamedly under-read in the classics. I did the Writing major instead of English, so tons of reading (and writing), but not much classic literature.

  2. Fair play for doing NaNoWriMo, I hope to actually take part in it this year if I have the time, work was just too hectic last year. With you on the cooking resolution, I haven't an iota how to cook anything except pasta and pizza and the odd veggie burger which I actually only know it's done when the overly-sensitive fire alarm goes off :/

    Best of luck with the blogging adventures :)

    1. NaNoWriMo was definitely a challenge. It was my first try and, between work and tutoring, it essentially killed any pretense at a social life and my reading goal for the year. If you do try it this year, though, a word of advice: never EVER skip a day. Write something every day or I guarantee you will want to cry when you try to make up the word count later.

      You can cook pizza?! I hope you mean the freezer kind. If we're talking homemade, I don't know if we can be friends. ;) But yeah, cooking ... first overcome laziness, then overcome the stigma of my cooking being "poison" and results in no one else touching it. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Haha, thanks! I'm looking to shift careers at some point this year (if possible), but I still want to complete a solid year of blogging, and maybe more. :)