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Top Ten Things on My Reading Wishlist

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Many thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for being the creative force behind this meme every week!

What are the top 10 things (e.g., characters, plot lines, issues, setting, etc.) you would like to read? I was surprised at how hard this was. Normally I have too many opinions to count, but the minute I looked at this topic, I blanked. But, through much perseverance and general silliness, I finally came up with ...

Top 10 Things on My Reading Wishlist
  1. A seven-book series chronicling the events that occur when an unholy union of Big Business and Treehuggers hires a team of juvenile criminal masterminds to destroy the seven (7) Man-Made Wonders of the World. The idea hit me one day and, while crazy, it sounds like so much fun! So, yes, I'd love to see this idea get fleshed out into seven crazy books that I could read and laugh at. I'd also love receiving a portion of the royalties. ;)
  2. Something with a goofy, not so bright golden retriever as the constant source of trouble and humor. It keeps my life interesting. I can't see it being any less amusing in book form.
  3. A good, fleshed out fairy tale retelling with a limited focus on romance. I love fairy tale retellings (when done well), and I am always on the lookout for the next definitive retelling of any given tale. For instance, Robin McKinley's Spindle's End is the Sleeping Beauty retelling for me.
  4. A strong, sensible girl without a love interest/romance. I've seen very few of these lately, especially in YA, and it irks me. It's like people forget that lots of girls past puberty survive without a crush or boyfriend. I don't mind romance in the background, if it follows a reasonable time frame and makes sense, but I'll take a well developed friendship over insta-love any day.
  5. A fun, imaginative alternate history. I know there are a number of these out there (and I know the names of maybe...four), but I'm looking for recommendations and/or more new titles featuring alternate history settings. I loved the world of Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan and can't wait to find another.
  6. Stories set in East Asia. Again, I know they're out there--just hiding from me--but finding more books set in that part of the world is on my to-do list right now. It's a slice of the globe I know little about, but it has such a rich history. I'd love to see more of it in fiction because, you know, I'm more likely to pick up a novel than non-fiction. >.>
  7. A story about DIY projects and/or house flipping/restoring. Yes, I confess: I'm an HGTV addict. But just the cool remodeling shows like "Income Property" and "Property Brothers." I can't hammer a nail straight, but I love watching the transformations and would like to see it built into some of my future reads. Pun! :D
  8. Classic literature retellings with a sci-fi/fantasy twist. I read Diana Peterfreund's For Darkness Shows the Stars last year and was really, really impressed. I still want to (force myself to) read more classics, but I would really like to see more reworkings of the old novels, too. It's entertaining.
  9. More good third-person POV YA novels. I have nothing against writing in first-person point of view. I read a lot of good first-person books last year. But I have a personal preference for third-person narration in general, and I've found so many first-person books falling into holes like telling over showing or using "I" in every other sentence. It gets tiresome. I'd like to see more YA third-person options.
  10. Mash-ups. Just about everyone not living under a rock has heard of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles series. Sure, they have their flaws, but they're pretty awesome and have inspired this item on the wishlist. The Lunar Chronicles mash old school fairy tales with a sci-fi future complete with altered humans living on the Moon (who have a crazy queen bent on conquering Earth). What does this mean? Well, if you haven't read it, go read it, but also: more mash-ups!

What about you? Any reading wishlist items you haven't found yet or want to find more of?

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