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Updates: Confession of a BBA

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I'm kicking off the first official Booked Update with a confession: a confession of a book buying addict.

But before we start calling therapists and cutting up credit cards, I have very strict rules for my book buying that I (usually) obey. Namely, because I'm a cheapskate, I almost always buy used, wait for the best sales and keep the majority of my purchases below $2.50. Thus, I am not yet drowning in books. However, I am running out of shelf space.


My solution to this problem? My friend and I are attempting to build a bookshelf! It's my first real woodworking project, and I can already tell it's going to need heaps of glue and wood filler; but the first one is never pretty, right?

So, check back for updates on how the bookshelf turns out, how many splinters attack and what the next project will be! And now, I'm off to buy a book. No worries, this one's with a gift card. ;)

Also, on a side note, I'm considering changing up the blog design. You know, new name, new look...any thoughts?

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