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Shop Talk: How Often Should You Change a Blog's Design?

Shop Talk: a reader's ramblings/discussion on the publishing industry, bookstores and/or writing/blogging.

This week's Shop Talk is about blogs--more specifically, blog design. I'm still a new blogger. I've looked at other blogs, read the tutorials, checked out forums (which have awesome, helpful people); but I'm still unsure of what direction to take here on this blog.

I recently changed the blog name to a more bookish title, and since then, I've been wondering whether the blog design (theme, color scheme, layout, fonts, etc.) should have changed with it. The polls I've looked at show most bloggers try not to change the whole look of the blog more than once a year, at most. And I don't want to get a theme-bug the way I (still kind of) have the moving-bug. I don't want to be switching out theme templates every couple of months because, not only would that be a ton of work, but I can easily see it being confusing as all get out to anyone who checks in on a semi-regular basis.

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On the other hand, I learned a lot tweaking the blog theme I have, and while I still love its clean lines, I'm not sure it's the best fit for the new name. Is it like a mourning period? Do you stay with the old for consistency's sake until an appropriate amount of time has passed? Or do you find a new theme and install the template whenever you need a change?

To all the veteran (and new) bloggers out there, how do you decide when it's the right time to change the look of your blog? Does it make a big difference to readers, or am I over thinking this?


  1. Overall, I think my blog-changing days are over, because I just love how mine is (not saying I won't tweak the layout a bit eventually; I probably will). Review archives are always nice. :)

    1. That's not a bad approach. Change until you find "the one" (or get too lazy to try anything else). I don't know. I've been mulling it over for a bit, and I think I'm going to tweak a couple of different themes and then compare them side by side. Maybe take some screenshots and ask for outside input. :)