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Top 10 Books I Can't Believe I've Never Read

A weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

This week is actually a Top 10 Tuesday REWIND, or pick a previous topic you missed or want to do again. I'm always lamenting the ridiculous amount of classics I've never read and keep finding more and more great books I've never heard of. So, without further ado:

Top 10 Books I Can't Believe I've Never Read

  1. The Bible - I've read a ton of it, and it's a defining book in my life, but I have never read every last book and chapter. Shame, failure, etc. I do plan to remedy this soon, but the Pentateuch! Genesis, Exodus...oh. You've tried to get through the law books? You know what I mean.
  2. Sense & Sensibility - A ton of Jane Austen books belong on this list. In fact, let's just say they get slots #2-5. I've watched everything on film and can quote massive amounts of at least one, but yeah. Dishonor on me and my cow.
  3. Common Sense - I know, this makes me a bad American.
  4. H.G. Wells - (I learned my lesson with Jane Austen. The holes in my reading life are so egregious, might as well just list the author.) Maybe I've read some of it, way back when, but I have no clear memory which means: fail.
  5. Jules Verne - See above.
  6. Les Miserables - In my defense, I tried to start it once. But, yeah, it's probably my all-time favorite Broadway musical, and I've never read the book. (Never read Hunchback either, but the Disney movie has great music.)
  7. Jack London - I really think I read at least one of his books as a kid, but zero memory of it. And I tend to have some memory of it needs reading.
  8. G.K. Chesterton - He's only written a gazillion novels, essays, articles, etc. You'd think I'd have gotten around to one of them by now.
  9. 1984 - I can't read while Big Brother's staring.
  10. Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little and other assorted children's classics - They've been on my shelf since I was a kid, and for some reason, I never got through them. But they remain on the shelf because one of these days, I WILL read them...eventually.
Wow, this was kind of a depressing post. On the bright side, it means there are always more books out there waiting to be read! What about you? Any books you can't believe have escaped you?


  1. All of the classics missing from your life!!! Makes me want to cry . . . . :( But, to be quite honest and fair, I was in the same boat but four years back. Then I just started buying classics because, well, I should own them. And then I started actually reading them. So glad I did. Classics are just . . . . Mm, I just love them, even the kid classics. But I still have a long way to go. You know, Kel, you and I should do like a classic-a-month buddy read (and have the longer classics, like Les Miserables, span several months). Maybe we can drag Hazel in on it, too.

    1. A classic-a-month buddy read sounds like a great idea! I tried joining a Goodreads group with a similar idea, but it never spurred me to action. But if I did it with a couple of friends who would keep me accountable and give me deadlines...Yep. :)