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Top Ten Books That Will Make You Cry

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Many thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for being the creative force
behind this meme every week!

This week's list topic is "Top 10 Books That Will Make You Cry," and I'm blanking out. Partly because I don't pick up many tearjerkers, partly because I had a ton of Mountain Dew today and am now suffering the sugar/caffeine crash. So, instead of books that will make you cry, I present, in no particular order...

Top 10 Books Movies That Will Make You Cry:
  1. We Are Marshall - Based on true events. Marshall University's football team dies in a plane crash. The university and town struggle to rebuild the team and their lives. You will cry at about 10 minutes in...and every five minutes after.
  2. Hachi: A Dog's Tale - Based on a true story. Watch it without crying. I dare you.
  3. Life is Beautiful - An Italian Jew and his son taken to a labor camp during World War II. It makes you smile. Until it doesn't.
  4. Remember the Titans - Based on true events. A football team, school and town struggle to overcome years of segregation. The car crash...and the funeral...
  5. A Walk to Remember - Opposites attract, young love, (doomed) true love and tragedy. A perfect recipe for tears.
  6. Black Hawk Down - The waterworks could start at any moment in this, but the part that always gets me is when the two soldiers from the rescue copter go down to the downed, trapped pilot, knowing no help is coming. And the tears keep going, as they run out of ammunition, as the mobs lift their bodies into the air as trophies. Because they knew this would be their end, and they went down anyway.
  7. Soul Surfer - The shark bite isn't what gets you. It's the family's reactions and the girl's to their new reality.
  8. Prince Caspian - Soldiers stoically holding to duty and honor, even or especially in the face of certain death, always gets me. In Black Hawk Down, in The Last Samurai and in Prince Caspian.
  9. Passion of the Christ - Crucifixion. If we become so desensitized to violence and brutality that we do not cry at the sheer horror of it, we have a problem.
  10. Blood Diamond - There are plenty of tear-jerking moments in this film, but the nearly-end is what gets me. All that struggle and toil, being so close to the end of the quest, so close to a new future...denied.
And now I need to go watch something light and funny. I don't know; I don't often search out books or movies with the intent of crying. Are you a fan of tearjerkers, or do you like to sit down with a sad story?

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