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Top Five Things on My Bookish Bucket List

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A weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's topic made me realize...I don't really have much of a "bookish bucket list." There are a ton of books I want to read, and a ton of bookish things I'd like to do, but none of those books or things are "bucket list" items for me. Go figure.

But, to keep this from being a really really short post, I came up with a few ideas. ;)

Top Five Things on My Bookish Bucket List:
  1. Read War and Peace. I have no idea why. Or when. But it sounds like a good bookish goal.
  2. Read the entire Bible. Every last line.
  3. Complete (at least) one year of book blogging.
  4. Build/create an awesome home library. I'd love to have a huge, bright dedicated library space where I can curl up with a book and host book clubs and stuff. :)
  5. Successfully cook a recipe from a cookbook. I love drooling over the beautiful pictures in cookbooks, especially East Asian foods. But, as with Pinterest, it never turns out looking anything like the picture.
That's it for today! Stop by tomorrow for this week's Updates and Thursday for my review of These Broken Stars.

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