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Updates: Operation Sleep

Normally, I would use this post to talk about the week's book buys, reading progress, etc. However, I am coming off a weekend of dogsitting that resulted in three semi-sleepless nights. I failed miserably at making progress on The Archived and didn't get far in Cruel Beauty either.

I have another round of dogsitting coming up this weekend and into next week. It will very likely result in similarly short nights. >.> I am now considering raising my rates.

With that in mind, I will conclude this short update with the following:

Operation Sleep (while I still can)


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    1. I don't actually have a set rate. I let clients suggest a number and, unless it is unreasonably low, usually take it. The more well off clients tend to pay more and the tighter budget clients pay less, but I can't remember anyone ever giving me a low-ball offer.

      More importantly, a big part of why I do it is to help people out, take a bit of the stress off traveling. At least, that's how I think when discussing pay. By the end of the job, when I've lost multiple hours of sleep, I'm feeling far less altruistic. ;)

    2. I'd at least consider tacking on an added $5 to whatever price they suggest as loss-of-sleep-and-therefore-health coverage. ;)