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Discussion: Talking Books After the Fact

How do you talk about books others already read online? Many well established book bloggers get lots of ARC's and post reviews for them before the books come out. This is awesome because it creates hype for the good books and warns us off the bad.

The confusing part: a month later, I read one of the books my online friends have reviewed. I REALLY want to talk about it. Do I go to their blogs and comment on the old posts? Do I leave a note on one or all of their Goodreads reviews? Do I find or form a forum?

Or do I just write a review for the book on my blog, get the talking out of my system, and hope the friends who read the book read my post and engage in conversation?

I assume everyone has his/her own method for this kind of situation. Call this an informal poll: how do you go about discussing books that online friends have already read/reviewed?


  1. I personally love it when people comment on my old posts. And I love doing the same on other blogs. Just because I've read the book ages ago doesn't mean I don't want to hear other people's thoughts on it any more. :)

    1. Makes sense. :) I guess it just seems odd to track down people's old posts once x amount of time has elapsed.

  2. Obviously I'm a fan of writing the review and hoping that people who have already read the book come and talk to me about it. I realize that I'm in a different situation in terms of blog size and that changes things. I'll be honest, I do want to comment on your reviews of older books, but it seems like we have different tastes frequently and I don't know what to say since I'm non-confrontational D: It just feels awkward to write "welp, I liked this one more than you, oh well" ya know? ;-) I'll also be commenting more now that I can subscribe and not just rely on my faulty memory to check back, woot!

    1. I actually started wondering about this while answering that blog poll you had- thinking about some of the ARC's you reviewed that I later read. I guess awkward is a good description. Do I go back to your old post and write either a) you were right! This book is great! Or b) you were WRONG. This book was awful.

      At the same time, it's not that I don't want to comment. When someone reviews a book I've already read, I usually leave a note about what I thought, good or bad. Hmm...I guess it's probably easier all around to focus on commenting on reviews as they're posted. Maybe comment on old posts or chat those books on Twitter/Goodreads in special cases? Yeah, that sounds easier (read: lazier). :D