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Top 10 Characters Who Tick Me Off

A weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

Stories/plot lines/twists, etc. can tick me off easily enough, but for a character to fully tick me off usually require effort on the character's part. It's easy to feel disconnected, apathetic, be stuck in the middle- but to feel something on the other end of the spectrum? That deserves special recognition. (Fair warning: my vocabulary will likely shrink and my sentences turn to incoherent grumbling in this section.)

Top 10 Characters (I can currently think of) Who Tick Me Off:
  1. Bella/Edward/Jacob (Twilight) - Stupid. stupid. unhealthy stalking, obsessive love triangle, boring, stupid.
  2. Harry Potter/Dobby (Harry Potter) - Harry was a cute kid. Then he became a whiny, annoying teenager. He ticked me off every time he opened his mouth in books 4-7. Dobby annoyed me from the get-go. I wish he had died sooner.
  3. Alexa/Damien/Rylan (Defy) - These people were almost stupid and cliched enough to be laughable. Almost. A little too much Twilight.
  4. Mia (Princess Diaries) - I read the first book in this series years ago after seeing the movie, and I really disliked Mia. She was a walking soapbox and a cliched liberal, tree-hugging, bratty, privileged teenage poster-girl. 
  5. Romeo/Juliet -'re both so stupid! You deserved your deaths.
  6. Sookie Stackhouse - It's been a while since I read this one. I picked up the first title on a friend's recommendation when they first became big. All I remember is that Sookie's first person narration drove me insane. She was so...blugh. Endlessly insecure and self-deprecating and whiny and yet somehow the object of every paranormal male's undying affection. Bloomin' Twilight all over again.
  7. Violet/River (Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea) - see Twilight.
  8. The Great Gatsby - I get why this is a "classic" but the seeming lack of moral foundations of any sort, unspeakable selfishness and lack of taking responsibility for choices/actions drove me crazy. There seemed to be a total lack of concern for others.
  9. Luce (Fallen) - So stupid you want to kill her. One of the bad guys even says, you make so many stupid decisions, you should be dead by now! Also, a touch of Twilight.
  10. Laila (The Tyrant's Daughter) - This was a recent read that ticked me off because the character was constantly wavering. She was inconsistent and without conviction on almost any point. In general, I'd rather read a complex character with an opinion one way or the other, even if I don't agree with him/her.


  1. Oh yay - I'm not the only one who found Dobby annoying! Though mostly I found him disturbing - that is, his self-punishment disturbing. I'm all for characters who are abused and mistreated being rescued by the hero, but it seems like most of these kind of characters are just sooooooooo annoying that you wish they would die.

    1. Yes, Dobby needed to...not be around. I remember thinking, you chose to use a loophole to "help" Harry, so stop whining about it. It did not endear him to me. ;)

    2. My sister is determined to find a rock somewhere next time she goes hiking in the mountains and writing on it: "Here lies Dobby. A free elf." ;)

  2. OMG! I haven't read most of these, but a big YES to Bella from Twilight. She is the worst female protagonist in a book. Ever. I can't believe young girls look up to her.

    1. On the one hand, I understand why so many people flocked to the series and I can appreciate the big boost it gave the YA segment of publishing...but Bella's still such a horrendous protagonist (and role model). So many face-palms...