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Updates: Blog Design & Chick Lit

First, I hope you all had a Happy Easter! It was a good weekend. I got some chores done, finished two books, ran the sound board at church and had a lovely Easter dinner with the family. The work week is back with a vengeance, but I have a fun little story and some news for the blog.

Any of you who read my reviews know I'm not the biggest romance fan. *cough-understatement-cough* However, I took much longer than expected to finish The Eye of Zoltar, Jasper Fforde's third Chronicles of Kazam book (which is out in the UK, but doesn't publish here until the fall, so no review until then?). I was behind on my Goodreads challenge and in a bit of a reading slump. So I skimmed through my Nook library and picked out a free ebook from a while back.

It is called Five Days in Skye, and it is undeniably, without question chick lit. (I'm still debating whether to post a review here or just on Goodreads.) It was predictable, sappy, somewhat overly dramatic, but you know what? I sped through, and despite the sometimes repetitive sentiments, I enjoyed it. I needed a palate cleanser to get me out of the reading rut, and sometimes sappy and predictable does the trick. Plus, it's set in Scotland, which I now really want to visit.

Blog News:
I considered changing my blog theme months ago. I looked at tons of templates and finally found one with most of the features I wanted. Then I commenced a never-ending round of tweaks. This is the last one, I keep telling myself. (Two minutes later, I lied.) As of today, it's not perfect, but it's close enough. Over the next month I will be updating old content and creating new. The result (fingers crossed) will be a beautiful new look with minimal issues on my Six-Month Blogiversary! Which will also probably include my first giveaway! :D

I'm pretty excited about this, but also supremely nervous. So don't be surprised if you receive a random email/comment from me begging you to check out the new theme and tell me I'm not crazy. I know I am, but this is one instance where you're allowed to lie. ;) And for those of you not about to be pestered to death, here's a little taste of the new look:

Thanks for stopping by, let me know how your Easter (and Easter reading) went, and check back in tomorrow for my review of Daughter of Smoke and Bone!


  1. Easter was awesome. Very laid back, very slow. I had to work that day, but there was hardly anyone about, so I got a lot of reading done. :)

    1. That sounds like a fun weekend! And that's really cool that you can read when work is slow. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Yay for volunteers! I've been staring at it so long, I no longer trust my eyes design-wise. And I definitely need help checking to see if the "responsive layout" will work right on phone screens.

  3. Where did you get your "follow" buttons for Twitter and the like? It's been driving me crazy, trying to find those!

    1. The ones over on the sidebar? Go to She's awesome and has free social media icon sets in 44 colors. Hope that helps! :)

    2. Oh, yes, it does!!! Oh my gosh, thanks so much! I can clean my sidebar up now!