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Updates: Cooking, Cleaning & Books

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The truth: no cleaning, little cooking and not a ton of books.

My book purchases from the end of last month came in, all in pretty good shape. (I'll try to tweet a photo later.) I still need to buy/check quality on one of Book Outlet's "scratch and dent" copies, but I'm pleased with the two hardcovers I got.

As for cooking, my kitchen and my stomach have officially survived a frozen steam-bag of rice and veggies and a skinless tilapia filet. I know. That sounds pretty pathetic, but baby steps. :)

I'm also pleased to report that, thus far, I have stuck to my April ban on eating out and book buying. Yay!

Reading-wise, I finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and was unfortunately less than thrilled. I'm currently reading The Eye of Zoltar, the third book in the Chronicles of Kazam by Jasper Fforde. Not very far into it, but it looks to be much lighter and more fun.

That's it for this week's updates. Check back tomorrow for my review on Rosamund Hodge's Cruel Beauty!

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