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Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano (3 stars)

Five Days in Skye is not my usual read. Contemporary, romance, inspirational...did I mention romance? Yeah, not my usual read. But I picked it up free on my Nook after reading a few reviews and decided to give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised. It's light, highly predictable chick lit, but it was enjoyable and was just the change of pace I needed at the time. I was afraid it would turn out to be one of those "overly telling, thought/prayer every other sentence" inspirational romances (which is as much fun to read as any other overly "telling" book...that is, not), but again- pleasantly surprised.

Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano
Series: n/a
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Inspirational
Published on June 10, 2013
Published by David C. Cook
Final Rating: 3 stars

Hospitality consultant Andrea Sullivan has one last chance to snag a high-profile client or she'll have to kiss her dreams of promotion good-bye. When she's sent to meet Scottish celebrity chef James MacDonald on the Isle of Skye, she just wants to finish her work as efficiently as possible. Yet her client is not the opportunistic womanizer he portrays himself to be, and her attraction to him soon dredges up memories she'd rather leave buried. For James, renovating the family hotel is a fulfillment of his late father's dreams. When his hired consultant turns out to be beautiful, intelligent, and completely unimpressed by his public persona, he makes it his mission to win her over. He just never expects to fall under her spell.

Soon, both Andrea and James must face the reality that God may have a far different purpose for their lives—and that five days in Skye will forever change their outlook on life and love.

  • The protagonist, Andrea, is a mostly level headed career woman with an eye on a promotion and no time for or interest in romance.
  • The lead guy, celebrity chef James MacDonald, is a little too good to be true, but he's not perfect; he has some issues. At the same time, he's a nice guy. And he can cook. You kind of have to like him for that, right?
  • The backstories for the two main characters were, I thought, unnecessarily dramatic. Why does a girl have to have had a traumatic experience to not be interested in love? Can't she just not be interested? Why does a guy have to have divorced parents plus horrible lack of communication plus general issues? Wait, never mind. That last one sounds fairy plausible. ;)
  • I think the author made an interesting choice on handling the "Christian" aspect of the story. God/faith, etc. really isn't mentioned until two thirds in. Both characters have a background in faith but are struggling and/or finding their way back to it; and neither is overly fond of the traditional establishment. It's interesting because I think this is a position a lot of young adults and adults can relate to- reevaluating and coming back to faith and/or being disillusioned with the traditional establishment. Even when the faith element enters the story, it's not talked/narrated about. It's an aspect of the characters and their lives. I think we may read two short prayers total.
  • Scotland: it has now moved way up my "need to go there" list.

The story is predictable and a little silly at times, but if you're looking for a light, contemporary romance, it's worth a shot. And if inspirational fiction isn't your thing, don't worry. It's not usually mine either, but I think this book handles it pretty well. It's like a Hallmark movie: fluffy and sweet. :)


  1. I've never heard of this book, Kel! I love that the setting is Scotland - sounds marvelous! I generally don't read too many books dealing with faith, unfortunately. Predictable, eh, that always gets to me. I'm glad you mostly enjoyed this book! :)

    Fabulous review, Kel!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Scotland! :D I typically steer clear of the "inspirational" titles, too, for the reasons stated above; but, like I said, if you enjoy Hallmark movies and/or contemporary romances, you'll probably enjoy this. The faith element is minor at best.

      As far as predictable, I usually can't take any Adult romances because they're all predictable to me, but I was in the right mood for this one, and it was an enjoyable predictable. :) Thanks for stopping by!