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Updates: Dogs, Babies, Boats and Books

Talk about a busy weekend! First things first: if you haven't signed up for my blogoversary giveaway, go enter now. There's a $30 Amazon gift card up for grabs. The giveaway ends June 2nd and then I promise I'll stop jabbering about it.
Now, about that busy weekend...

I was dogsitting Friday and Saturday and got three hours of sleep Friday night as a result. If only I had remembered the story about my parents' first dog sooner. If the dog is whining and crying and generally being a pain the whole night, it just wants to be close to you. Put the dog bed in the bedroom for a while or, in my case, let it sleep next to your feet on the couch. Silence the entire night. And then whining in the morning when the cat curled up next to me.

Saturday night was also babysitting, which was surprisingly easy- at least, compared to a certain troupe of troublemakers I sat for back in the day. I know some of you know the type and are shuddering at the memory. But no, this time was good. We watched "The Emperor's New Groove" (awesome movie), ate pizza and made brownies. :)

Sunday night my brother and I went to the drive-in to see "X-Men: Days of Future Past." I couldn't really see the first 5-10 minutes (stupid sun), but otherwise I thought it was pretty entertaining. I was disappointed to see only one female protagonist (no Kitty, kneeling and crying the whole time doesn't count), but I loved Quicksilver's slow-mo scene. With that music! Yes, it made me laugh. :)

And finally, to end my abnormally eventful weekend, I tagged along on a Memorial Day boat trip with a family from Dad's church. The weather was beautiful, the sky was sunny, we had a seafood lunch and I didn't get motion sick. What more can you ask for?

Book-wise, I finished Vessel. I had to re-download Tabula Rasa because my time ran out. Shame. :( And I hope to finish Across a Star-Swept Sea today, and maybe fit in one or two more before BookCon. 

Speaking of BookCon, ack! I need to plan, scope out subway lines, pack food, set up meetings with blogger people, etc. And stock up on Mountain Dew. I've been cutting back on soda, but that's going to be one early morning and a decent hour and a half of driving before the train.

Thus, I will probably be less than awake/active on commenting and responding to comments this weekend, but I will catch up on everything when I get back, including picking a winner for the blogoversary giveaway! Which, in case you missed it up top, ends on June 2nd. $30 Amazon gift card, people. If you've already entered, it would mean a lot to mean if you would tell your friends and family, and even people you don't like, to stop by the blog for the giveaway, or just because. :)

Did you guys all have fun Memorial Day weekends? And I promise, most of my update posts are much shorter than this. ;)

Check back in tomorrow for a mini-review on an oldie but a goodie! Here's a hint: it involves Sean Connery. :)


  1. Ahh!!! Still so jealous about Book Con, I may have to try and go next year.

    I'd love a day out on a boat in the sun. My sun for the weekend was doing some yard work. Fun fun!

    1. I'm still figuring out my phone, but I will do my best to take lots of pictures!

      Yard work? Yep, that was my sunny weekend a couple weeks ago. I admit, the boat was fun, but working in the dirt is kind of therapeutic, isn't it? And not even a chance of getting motion sick, which bumps it up a few slots in my estimation. ;)