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Updates: Family & Book Buying

My sister was visiting from Florida last week, so I was busy, busy, busy. We did the beach/boardwalk, which means caramel popcorn; the county fair, where I realized I haven't been around large livestock in quite some time >.>; a day out watching my dad play tennis at a beautiful country club (with a BOWLING GREEN!) that donates court time to the old guys tournament; and we watched "Noah." It was a disaster movie. Pun intended. ;)

I'm still catching up on blog reading and reading in general, but I managed one book during her stay.


I grabbed this ebook for free and didn't fully realize until after I finished, but it's self-published. (At least I think it is?) And it was good! Not my new favorite book, but overall I enjoyed the story and characters. And I don't remember a single typo. When I get that kind of quality for free, I'm willing to spend a little on the sequel, which is now waiting on my Nook. If you're interested in giving this YA fantasy adventure (with limited romance!) a shot, the first book is free on all platforms.

Also, this week featured an email fail. I was clicking random buttons on Edelweiss and stumbled upon a tab saying my early July request for an eARC of Claire Legrand's Winterspell had been approved. Unlike all ARC requests from everywhere, ever...I never got an email. :( Needless to say, I am now reading it.

And I fell prey to a bout of book buying. My sister informed me my copy of Blackwood ...

Which meant a trip to Amazon and ended with three...

And then Better World Books had a 24-hour 40% off sale...

Yep, I fail. ^^;

That's it for this week. Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my review of Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey!


  1. Cool, I'll give that book a try :)

    I miss living by the beach so much!

    1. Might as well right? Yay free books!

      I don't go often enough, but the 40min-1hr drive is definitely worth it. Especially going to the boardwalk on weeknights when there's virtually no traffic. :)

  2. Okay, that sounds like a fantastic week! Count me super jealous. I also love that you bought a Royal Diaries book. Those are STILL awesome!

    1. It was fantastic! And tiring. I wound up staying up til midnight or so reading or watching movies with the sister every night. And then went to work in the morning while she slept in. ;P But I'm glad she visited. I'm looking to return the favor sometime this fall. You know, when Disney is having its Food & Wine festival...

      I LOVED some of the Royal Diaries as a kid. I've been grabbing used copies here and there, and the good ones are still good.