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Top 10 Characters at My Lunch Table

A weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's theme is "Top 10 Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table" for back to school week. Umm.....I really have no clue, so let's go with characters I know would entertain me. ;)

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They were and are (comic) book characters, so they count, right? And they'd definitely be an entertaining lunch crowd. Although they wouldn't be complete without...

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Yep, that's my dream lunch table. All sorts of conflict, chaos and sarcasm just waiting to happen. And they're probably all on diets to keep their Hollywood physiques, so they'll give me their food.

That's it for this round of 10! Thanks for stopping by and check back in tomorrow for this week's Updates! In which my face got really, REALLY red. :)


  1. I think everyone at my dinner table would be anti-heroes and villains. ;) Could be a very interesting dinner indeed.

  2. If we're going with comic book characters, I definitely want Captain America, Spiderman, Ironman, Loki, and Thor (just for the brotherly confrontations, haha!) and if we're doing any general animated characters, I'm going Disney and saying Elsa, Anna, Kristoph, Mulan, Belle, Aladdin, Rapunzel, Flynn (aka Eugene), Capt. Hook, Ariel, and Hades. =D

    1. Haha, I thought Disney might be stepping a little too far outside the bounds of the meme criteria, but it sounds like a great dinner party regardless!