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Updates: Back in the Saddle

Not literally "back in the saddle," although horseback riding sounds fun, too! But yes, the family situation is leveling out and needing less constant attention, so I'm easing back into blogging and blog stalking and reading and all that good stuff. :)

Currently Reading:

I'm slowly making progress through these two. I was a little annoyed with the non-linear, jumping narrative of The Lies of Locke Lamora at first, only because I didn't have the time (or focus) to sit down for a long stretch; but my brain is a little less scattered now and I'm enjoying the small chunks of time spent with it. 

Chasing Power isn't thrilling me, but I'm only about 20% in. I wonder if it's because I've only read Durst's fantasy novels, which had a much different tone and rhythm and flow to the writing. This one feels choppy and rushed by comparison, and some of the dialogue feels...a little too pleased with its own cleverness? Which either reflects badly on the author, the characters, or both. :(

Also, while I usually wait until the book comes in so I can show the picture, a HUGE thank you to Tabitha (Pabkins) at Not Yet Read and all her publisher minions! I had the (unbelievably) good fortune to win, not one, but TWO of her giveaways over the past month! (Which means I should probably abstain from entering any more for a month or two lest I be banned, shunned or hunted down like a dog. ^^) But anyway, a big thank you to Tabitha for The Traitor's Blade and Storm Siren! I can't wait for them to arrive! :D

That's it for this week's happenings! Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my review of Tabula Rasa by Kristen Lippert-Martin! Bourne meets Divergent, anyone? :)


  1. I have STORM SIREN sitting on my shelf right now, waiting to be read. I might start it next month.

    1. Yay! If you get to it before I do, let me know what you think. :)

  2. A Divergent reference? No thank you, not for me.

    Glad Lies of Locke Lamora got better, it is one of my favorites.

    1. I actually haven't read or seen Divergent, but that's their tagline. I liked Tabula Rasa. :)

  3. Oh yes, Locke Lamora does jump around quite a lot, sorry I didn't warn you about that D: But I'm glad you're liking it! I hope Chasing Power got better, but if not that's another off the list of things to worry about reviewing I guess, haha

  4. No worries! I caught on quick enough. :)

    Chasing Power is still lagging a bit for me. It's rushed, and I'm not connecting with/really caring about the MC. :( I'll probably finish and see where it goes, but I am not wowed.