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Updates: Productivity and Procrastination

In school, I got a lot done while procrastinating and avoiding homework. When you really don't want to write that essay or finish that math homework, sitting down for hours with a book or movie or sketchpad becomes infinitely more appealing. Which might explain why I've been so productive this week: I've been avoiding studying for the LSAT. It's just so long and the study book is so thick and not fun. :(  No worries, I have a game plan that will kick off tonight. Wish me luck!

On the bright side, despite losing a bit of time risking my neck painting, I got some reading done after last month's slump! I also had a wonderful time at the Collingswood Book Festival on Saturday. (I can't believe it's been here over 10 years and I just found out about it.) It was held in the high school instead of downtown due to weather, but it was still fun.

Highlights included a Fantasy and Mythology in YA panel (featuring Ellen Jensen Abbott, Kit Grindstaff and Diane Salerni among others) and  a corridor of used books for sale. I may have bent my strict budget to allow for one or two. ;) And I got Diane Salerni to sign my copy of The Caged Graves!

And in other book news...


Surprisingly, they were all pretty decent, though I found myself wanting more on at least two. And I got approved for some eARC's, too!

From NetGalley:

From Edelweiss:

I'm pretty excited for both of these. Girl on a Wire is already out, so I'll try to read that ASAP. As for Death Marked...I kind of have to track down and read Book 1 first, and apparently no library in New Jersey carries it. Grr. To the internet!

I also had some crazy good luck and got two emails saying I won giveaways. Which is bizarre, but totally awesome! *happy dance* Thank you Anya and Sophia!


That's it for this week's happenings! Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my review of What is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore! A Cinderella retelling in a Venetian setting. :)


  1. Oh you need Death Sworn you say? >.> Have you already ordered it? <.<

    Also that festival sounds awesome!!!!

    1. Haha, actually I did order it. BWB got me (again) with one of their sales (again). But it was 25% off their entire used stock! I couldnt resist. ^^;

    2. Hehe, well I'm glad that you have a copy coming then ;-)

    3. Me too! Though I feel like I'm losing the little self-control I had. ^^;