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Art It Up! - Elsa

Art It Up! is a weekly feature hosted by Tabitha @ Not Yet Read.

This week is #24 in the Disney Series and the last of my scheduled Disney art posts. So next week's art will be a total surprise (for you and me). But for now, Disney! (Pretend you haven't read the post title for a second.)

Here are your hints:
She has a little sister.
She likes chocolate.
She's not a people person.

That's right! From Disney's 2013 merchandise-rich, money making giant, "Frozen," she's....


I attempted a modern day Elsa with a simple, comfortable style I imagined her character liking. I may be excommunicated from Disney-dom for saying this, but I thought she looked more like "Elsa" in her coronation outfit with her hair up. The blue dress and fluffy braid look cool, but not exactly "Elsa."

Thanks for stopping by, and check back tomorrow for this week's discussion post! In which I talk about Black Friday book sales and how I hope not to go broke. :)

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