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Discussion: Black Friday Books

It's that time of year again! The time when we spend time with family, stop to remember and be thankful for all we have, stuff ourselves with turkey and cranberry sauce, and try to kill one another over half-price electronics and clothes. :)

Black Friday is almost upon us and, while I admit to taking advantage of a Thursday or Friday sale on occasion, I'm not a big fan of how the consumer rush has swallowed up Thanksgiving and started the stressful shopping season early. Mostly because it's so easy for me to get caught up in it. This year, my goal is to spend less and give more- not just in gifts, but in time, service, conversation, etc., focusing on other people more than my wish list.

But Black Friday is very sneaky. It knows I can't resist a good book sale. So, while I'm still debating whether to make this my last book shopping foray of the year or hold off entirely, here are a few Black Friday book specials I've run across, in case any of you are interested. :)

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the following sites and am not being paid/compensated for this list. I'm just a bargain book hunter sharing my finds with others.)

Book Outlet - Get up to $10 free to spend on Black Friday weekend (on top of 30% off)
Sign up for their email newsletter and get a free $5 to spend on the site during the Black Friday sale. Tweet/post about the sale and get another $5 free. No reason not to, right? But hurry! The offer ends at midnight TONIGHT.

Amazon Holiday Deals - Up to 50% off select books
Trial by Fire HC - $9.57
Jackaby HC - $11,30
Unbroken PB - $9.60
Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set PB - $15.00

Better World Books
I haven't seen anything from them yet, but if memory serves, they usually do some sort of "surprise" Black Friday sale. You may want to sign up for their emails or check the site sometime on Friday. :)
Update 11/25/14:
Just got the email. BWB is doing a Black Friday sale (through Sunday) for 25% off 5+ used books on the site. All used books are fair game as long as they ship from BWB. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY14 at checkout.

Barnes & Noble
This year they're doing an in-store only event with signed editions of books from all genres available in limited quantities. The selection looks semi-decent and wouldn't be a bad pick if you know someone who likes the collector's item touch.

That's all I have, but let me know if you've seen any other sales! You know, so I can avoid them and not accidentally click the link and buy stuff... >.> Yeah, chances are I'll be buying at least one book this weekend. I'm a failure. Haha, you guys are welcome to fail with me! Either way, Happy Thanksgiving and don't lose any limbs to the shopping hordes. ;)


  1. It's such a good thing I never got into Black Friday. My book hauls are bad enough without amazing deals! ;) Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

    1. Haha, that's true. But I figure, since I only really buy when the sales are good, I can splurge a teeny tiny bit. Before all my paychecks disappear into law school or some other horror. :) Either way, I signed up for the free $10 at Book Outlet just in case. ;)

    2. You're going to law school?!

    3. If I pass the LSAT with a high enough score, I'm planning to give it a try.

  2. Wait, does the book outlet sale end tonight, or just the chance to sign up for the coupon? I already signed up for the coupon.

    B&N also sent out a 30% off coupon for members. So I'm probably going to have to stop by.

    I love Black Friday shopping. We don't go right when all the stores open, we wait for the crazies to go away ;) I've worked retail, so I know it sucks. But I LOVE shopping.

    1. The chance to sign up for free $10 ends tonight. The sale doesn't start until Black Friday, I believe (at which time they're supposed to email you a code for the free money).

      I just saw the B&N coupon. Looks like it's for all email subscribers. :) Book shopping is about the only kind I do regularly, but I'll be doing my best to hold back and not buy too much.

  3. Oo thanks for linking the Amazon sales, snagged a pretty of Trial by Fire :D

    1. I live to destroy others' budgets/wallets. ;)

  4. May have to grab Mistborn. Kinda like that series for some reason.

    1. Haha, I'm happy to encourage book splurging! :)