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Discussion: Fun on a Budget

This year, with the possibility of law school looming on the horizon, I've decided to cut non-essential spending to the absolute bare minimum.
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I'm generally pretty frugal to begin with. I don't eat out often; I don't see many movies in theaters; I only go clothes shopping a few times a year during really good sales. Books are my one weakness. I buy way too many of them. ;)

The good news is, this means I'm already used to having fun on a budget, but now I'll have to get even more creative...

Ideas for Having Fun on a Budget:

When you're (irrationally) not reading the unread books on your shelf and want new books to read? >.> The library! It's completely free, and they have DVD's, too.

Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu Plus
They all work out to approximately $8 per month and provide enjoyable couch time. (Even better if you can find a friend to share the account with you. $4 per month is definitely doable.)

Movie/Pizza Night
I'm particularly fond of the $5 Little Caesar's hot'n'ready pizzas (or $9 for a pizza, crazy bread and a two-liter). Ask friends to bring chips and dessert and you're all set. :)

It's a little cold for this right now, but parks and walks and hikes are typically free.

Art Night
Alone or with friends, we can all scrounge up paper and pencils/pens/crayons for an impromptu drawing night. You might have to promise step-by-step instructions if your friends are anything like some of mine and terribly afraid of drawing.

Craft Night
Some craft supplies can get pricey, but a few skeins of yarn and a large pack of crochet hooks isn't bad. Have one person teach or pull up some YouTube videos and hot drinks and you're all set.

Local College Events
Most events are only free for students, but a lot of them are free to the public or reasonably priced. Yes, it's student theater/band/dance/etc., but it's a night out without breaking the bank. (Even better, if you know a current student, they can bring a guest to some events for free.)

So, those are a few of my ideas. You guys are a creative bunch, so I know you have lots of ideas, too. I'd love to hear them! :)


  1. I like the library, nature, and movie night one. In general, cooking one's own food is more cost-efficient also, then buying out, and those college events are pretty great too! Though I have zero time for those very events at the moment :/ Pooh!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Ah yes, cooking...that mysterious lost art I keep meaning to study. ;)

      Even if you only go for 10 minutes of a free concert or make a bracelet and dash out of after hours stuff, I'd say take advantage of the college stuff while you still can. It's a nice quick break, and everything remotely similar costs money once you graduate. ;)

  2. I could not live without my library. There is no way I could afford to purchase all of the books I check out every year. I'm so fortunate to live in a city with a fantastic library system. I also live Netflix and Prime to get my movie/TV series fix. No, they're not great for new releases, but that's what Red Box is for. :)

    1. Libraries are wonderful things. :) And I forgot about Red Box, but that's a great option, too!

  3. I'm definitely already using my library more since maternity leave cuts my paycheck down considerably. Thankfully I have a nice stockpile of art supplies and yarn :-) great ideas.

    1. Yay libraries! And stockpiled craft supplies will always come in handy at some point. :)

  4. Read. Blog. Repeat. I throw in a good puzzle when I'm really bored. Its fun to do with one other person! I also had to put a toddler into the mix. Life is never truly boring with a toddler! :)

    1. It's true; between reading, blogging and reading others' blogs, a lot of time goes by. And puzzles! But yes, a toddler most certainly keeps life interesting.