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Discussion: Travel

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I love to travel when I can. I recently read Love, Lucy, a modern retelling of A Room With a View, and, despite not loving the book, it had me itching to fly to Italy and beyond. Which is dead expensive and not really possible right now, but someday!

Then, because I'm me and I over-think things, it got me thinking "deep" thoughts. For instance, what is the purpose of traveling, of visiting places where you don't know anyone? Are the things you wish to experience there, like food and scenery and language, that you can experience from where you are? What is the goal? How quickly will the memories of that new place fade or disappear? Is there an element of futility to the exercise?

My answers to these questions were: fun, probably, fun/change/new, quickly and yes. :)

But that doesn't stop me from wanting to go. It does, however, make me think more carefully about what I want to spend my time doing when I finally travel around the world. Do I want to do the typical tourist run of museums, tours and shopping? Do I want to have every second mapped out to make sure I hit all the required historical monuments? Or do I want to take a bike ride through the country? Spend a day just wandering around a city, watching the people and listening to them, even if I can't understand a word?

What about you guys? I know people who have traveled all over the world and others who have never left home. What are your thoughts on traveling? Are there any places you'd LOVE to go?


  1. Someday, I want to visit both Ireland and England. I want to see the castles and country in Ireland, and I've wanted to visit England since I was a little girl. I have friends in both places, so if I ever actually make it out there I can crash on their couches and not have to pay for a hotel.

    The only time I ever left the U.S., was when I was a kid. Don't remember how old I was, but my family visited Mexico for a day. Not a clue why, it was too long ago. But I remember being sad because the area had lots of kids begging all the tourists for money.

    I moved around a LOT as a kid, and as an adult. I've lived in... 8? states, and more houses than I can remember. I don't really like going lots of places now because I moved around so much! But I'd still love to visit Ireland and England.

    1. Haha, I'm a bit of the opposite. I moved around as a kid and caught the moving bug; I still get the itch to pick a new state every year or so, but I've learned to mostly ignore it. YES to England and Ireland! Those are definitely on my list. :)

  2. I LOVE to travel! For me it is all about the experiences and the memories. Some trips are for exploring: hiking, museum seeing, learning, etc. Some trips are for relaxing: bike riding, wine tasting, sun soaking, etc. I love it all! The world is such an awesome place :)

    1. Taking some trips with "productive" purposes in mind and some just to chill out sounds like a great way to have fun and not burn yourself out every time. Good idea!

  3. I grew up in a family that LOVES to travel. At one point I started making a list of all the places/countries I visited, but I lost track. It's been that many!

    I find that travelling is like reading. If I read five books a year, I remember all five books VERY well. I can probably recite the synopsis and characters of each one. But increase that number to 100 books, and they start to blend together. I only have vague recollections of each one, but then there are a few epic 5 star reads that really stand out.

    Travelling, for me, is the same way. I feel like I've travelled so much that places now blend together. The epic trips definitely stand out, like Egypt and Africa and Bora Bora. But all the rest... I've honestly kind of forgotten most (if not all) of the details and memories.

    If I'm being honest, I don't really LOVE travelling. Everyone in my family does, but not me. I mean, yeah it's cool to go to a new place, but I usually find that I'm "done" with it after only a day and then I'm ready to go home. That kind of sounds bad lol. I'm just not the kind of person who likes to wander around a new place and explore for days and days and days, you know? Unless it's one of those super big, epic trips like when I went on an African safari. That one I wasn't ready to leave... ;)

    1. That's pretty awesome that you've lost track of how many places you've been! But I completely understand losing most of the details. When I read my emails or journal entries from past trips, it feels like another person lived it.

      No, it doesn't sound bad that you're "done" with all but the truly epic places after a day. I think, especially if you're just there as a tourist, without a job or productive purpose, it can get old fast. It just means you should skip the little trips and save your travel-energy for more of those super big, epic trips, right? :)