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I was tagged by Summer from Blue Sky Bookshelf and am finally getting around to this two(?) months later. Anyway, thank you Summer! :)


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1. What YA book to movie adaption is your favorite?
It's not technically YA, but "The Princess Bride" is one of my favorite movies period, so it counts.

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2. Do you listen to music while you read and if so, who's your go-to artist?
Not really. I sometimes have the TV on, but muted.

3. What's the best book you read this year?
THE best? Um, probably All Our Yesterdays for 2014. I'm still working on finding something that blows me away this year.

4. What's your favorite and least favorite genre to read?
Fantasy is probably my favorite. Romance is definitely my least favorite. There are exceptions, but I usually prefer romance as a background element in the midst of a larger plot.

5. What did you rate the last book you read and why? (DNFs count)
I rated Fairest by Marissa Meyer 2 stars. It was okay, but Levana never became the villain I hoped she would. :(

6. Do you like reading outside or inside better?
Inside. Outside is either too cold or too hot or too bright or too dark or get the idea. ;)

7. Who's your favorite OTP? (one true pairing/fictional couple)
I'm not sure that I have one. I've read books and seen movies and TV shows with romances I like, but I can't recall getting obsessed with any of them. Huh, I'll have to think about that one. Or ask my sister. I'm sure she'll remember if I ever fangirled over anything.

8. Gifs or no gifs in reviews?
Generally no, but there are exceptions...

9. Do you read more ebooks or physical copies?
Most of the books I read are physical copies. I read eARC's and the occasional free ebook on my Nook, but everything else is a hard copy.

10. What's one book you wish everyone would read? thought there was a rule against hard questions! Um, so, the Bible?

And Questions from Alyssa at Eater of Books:

1. Most popular author on your shelf?
On my physical bookshelf? Probably Diana Wynne Jones. I think I have more of her books than any other author.

2. ARC/non-ARC reading ratio?
I just started reading eARC's last year, but approximately 15 to 50?

3. Most anticipated SEQUEL of 2015?
Winter by Marissa Meyer

4. Most anticipated conclusion novel of 2015?
Winter by Marissa Meyer

5. Most anticipated YA book-to-movie adaptation of 2015?
There are YA book-to-movie adaptations coming out in 2015? I tend to keep an eye on future superhero and/or Disney movies. Everything else I find out about when it comes out. Yep, fail.

6. Favorite YA debut novel of 2014?
Probably Tabula Rasa, with honorable mentions to Storm Siren and Illusive.

7. Favorite YA book cover of 2014?
Oh wow, I have no idea. I liked the original hardback cover for All Our Yesterdays and I thought Illusions of Fate and Storm Siren had great covers, too.

8. Favorite book you read before blogging?
Toss-up between Howl's Moving Castle and Spindle's End.

9. Book you want to read since everyone has read it (loved or hated)?
I am going to read Vicious. It's been on my shelf forever, everyone has raved about it, and it's going to get read.

10. Authors whose books you will read no matter what it is about?
I guess the closest I come to this is Diana Wynne Jones, but even then, I tend to go on a book-by-book basis. I might have loved a book by an author, but if a new one doesn't interest me or I know we won't get along, I'm not reading it.

And that's all folks! I know I'm supposed to nominate people but...nope. Though you're welcome to answer any or all of the above questions if you'd like. :)

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