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Updates: Reading Blitz

Good news: I did a lot of reading this weekend, am ahead on my Goodreads Challenge (enjoy it while it lasts, right?), and got to help my cousin do some winter cleaning.

Bad news: all that reading time kind of ousted my blog reading, so I am way behind on reading and commenting on everyone's recent posts. I'm sorry! I will try to catch up soon.


As you can see, it was an eclectic weekend for me. I went straight from middle grade fairy tale high school to a modern take on A Room with a View to a YA fantasy.

Currently Reading:

Yep, still procrastinatingslowly working through Illusionarium. I'm not sure which book I'll start next. I have a copy of Fairest from the library, but I'm kind of in the mood for something random for which I have no expectations.

That's it for this week's happenings! Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my mini-review of Revealed by Margaret Peterson Haddix! In which the time traveling misadventures of famous kids from history continue. :)


  1. Ahh!! I want to know what you think of Shannon Hale's book, lol. I'll probably read it anyway cause it Shannon Hale, but I'm hoping it's good.

    1. The Storybook of Legends was pretty fun, though I found I knew a lot of the story from watching those shorts on Netflix. It's definitely light and silly. :)