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Art It Up! - All Our Yesterdays

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Art It Up! is a weekly feature hosted by Tabitha @ Not Yet Read.

It's been a week for doodling! I had two quick sketches on Instagram plus a special piece of fan art for one of my favorite books from last year.

The first is a character from a short story I wrote in college about a young girl's adventures aboard an ocean-going steam train called the Dicey Troll. The second is a possible idea for some simplified Disney princess crochet dolls. I don't know that I have the skill to pull them off (particularly the hair), but I like the clean, almost peg-doll look. :)

Ignoring all proportion, perspective, anatomy and general laws of physics, here's a little piece of fan art for All Our Yesterdays, an amazing YA time travel novel I absolutely LOVED, featuring Finn and Em. I had ideas for another two frames for this "All Our Tomorrows" series, but I think I'll hold off on those until I've practiced and my people look more like people. ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and check back tomorrow for this week's discussion post! In which I talk about magazines. :)

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