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Discussion: A Lasting Impression

On my drive to work this morning, the trees were absolutely stunning. We had a wintry mix yesterday that left ice everywhere, and today, it clung to every branch. Each outline reflected the stun against a perfect blue sky. It was beautiful. And when I drove home this evening, it had all melted and the branches were once again empty, leafless branches, dark, spindly shadows against the sky.

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I was reflecting on the fleeting nature of it, the transience, when I thought of books. Stories are like those trees; you read them and are completely immersed for a time. Then the story ends. The memory of the story may remain, like that of the trees, but the firsthand experience is over.

Here, I think books have a slight edge over trees. As beautiful as the trees are, good stories evoke a stronger response and leave a lasting impression. Some stories stay with us all our lives. And, once written down, we can go back and experience the source material again and again.
It's one of the things I love about books and one of the things I love about libraries and home libraries. We love stories because they move us or transport us to faraway places or because they teach us something new.

What are some of the books that have left a lasting impression on you?


  1. One of the oddest books to leave an impression on me was Word Exchange. I can totally see how our future is rapidly approaching the future depicted. And it is SCARY.

    1. I remember seeing you talk about that book before. Maybe for the cover? It sounds like it left a similar impression to the one I got from Feed by M.T. Anderson (future in which everyone has chips implanted in their heads that work like phones/computers/etc., but you're connected 24/7). Creepy, and yet so plausible.