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Random Amusement: Bookmarks, Superheroes, HISHE


Welcome to my new feature, "Random Amusement," in which I share things that have randomly amused me throughout the week. Kind of like Pinterest, but there's a size limit, so you won't look up two hours later and wonder where the time went. ;)

I love finding DIY projects online. I'm not great about actually sitting down to do them, but I love finding them.

9 Bookmarks You Can Make in 5 Minutes or Less

Last week, I (finally) watched the third Hobbit movie with my friend. It was fairly enjoyable but, as with most serious, life and death films, there was SO much to make fun of. Not that I did, of course. >.>

But, hypothetically, if I were looking for something to join my mockery and add to my entertainment, I might have, hypothetically, watched the following...and laughed myself silly. ;)

This has been Random Amusement. Are you amused? (If not, you are welcome to comment with a certain famous Queen Victoria phrase you know you've always wanted to say.)


  1. "awkward slide"

    Ah, that was awesome. That entire video was amazing. "What was his last name?" "The dwarf? Killi the dwarf"

    1. I loved this HISHE! Captain America may still be THE best (although the LOTR one is good, too), but this was pretty awesome. *awkward slide*

  2. "I am not amused"
    ....but only because I really, really wanted to say that. I like random fun finds. I may or may not already be crafting some bookmarks

    1. Ooh! I can't wait to see your bookmarks! I usually wind up using whatever paper is nearby, but I love seeing all the creative things people make. :)

  3. More art projects yes!! Ok I still need to watch the last movie.

    1. And the bookmarks say they only take 5 minutes each, so we have a shot at finishing something in under a week! I didn't love the last Hobbit movie as much as I hoped to, but it's worth watching if only to watch the HISHE right after.