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Random Amusement: Totepacks, Olsens & DC


With BEA just over a month away, I've been considering my options--bag options, that is. I like the idea of only carrying one bag, but totes, backpacks and messengers all have their downsides. Which got me thinking, and Google searching....

Tote bags + backpacks = Totepacks!
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Naturally, I made a Pinterest board. :) I haven't sewn anything since...high school? But if I could find a good tote bag pattern to alter, it might be worth a shot. I'm thinking about it.

The Olsen twins return to TV!
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Do any of you remember watching The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley? Or maybe reading the mystery series books? You have to at least remember one of their (many) movies. Our Lips Are Sealed is a personal favorite. :)

Whether you're ready to reminisce or check it out for the first time, you're in luck:
Nickelodeon announced on Thursday, April 23, that the network bought the Olsen twins' video library, which includes decades of work. The 28-year-old former child stars will make their debut on Nick on Monday, April 27, with the airing of So Little Time, their Fox Family sitcom from the early 2000s.
I'm hoping Nickolodeon makes good use of the movie series, TV movie collection, and even the animated series--as opposed to, you know, just sitting on the rights. It'd be nice to see some of this childhood nostalgia become available on Netflix, too.

DC's Super Hero Girls
DC has announced big plans for comics, books, multimedia, the whole shebang! They're starting a new lineup this fall, geared toward girls, featuring several big name heroines as teen heroes. I loved superhero cartoons as a kid, and I'm interested to see where this goes. :)

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This has been Random Amusement. Are you amused? :)


  1. OMG I loved the old Olsen Twins Movies/Shows. I loved their detective shows.

    If I go to BEA I'd probably go with a backpack cause I know it'll get heavy and it's good to be hands free.

    1. I can still remember part of the theme song! "WHO stole the [something] diamond? WHAT killed the dinosaurs?" Lol.

      I did backpack last year at BookCon, and the only downside was accessibility. You couldn't just slip books in and walk on, or easily pull stuff out. But I'll probably wind up using a backpack of some sort, even if I need 2 bags so I can throw everything in there when I need to. :)

  2. The Olsen twins were big in my house as a kid. Their mystery series was SO much fun as a kid. I wonder if it will hold it's own now that I am O L D.

    1. That's always the question, isn't it? Nostalgia covers a multitude of sins, but there are shows/movies that are still fun as adults and others you feel stupid for watching in the first place. :)