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Updates: Super Quick

This will be a super quick edition of updates because my modem at home unexpectedly died, so I'm stealing internet time elsewhere. Here's hoping I can get that replaced asap.

The Rundown:
Saturday - Dean's Law Day at Rutgers. I have half an idea what I signed up for now! ;) It's going to be a busy fall, but good, I think.
Sunday - Bowling with the church group. I won't tell you what my scores were (and I was on a bumpers lane, too). It was pretty bad.
Monday - Funeral for my dad's father.
Tuesday - Mini graveside service before the burial.
Wednesday - Realized I'd caught a cold.
Thursday - Realized the internet at home wasn't working.
(Saturday-Tuesday: lots of time with family, and a couple trips to the airport.)

My family has a really dry, sarcastic sense of humor, so it was a weekend full of reminiscing and poking fun at one another. ;) In that vein, here's a quick little moment of remembrance:

Image source
Between the family time, the funeral, the cold, work and everything else, I've basically done zero reading. Which is bad, but I'd rather wait until my brain is functioning to dive back in, especially for review books.

That's it for this week's happenings! Thanks for stopping in and (assuming the internet is back on) check back tomorrow for my review of something TBD! In which something mildly exciting and/or entertaining happens. :)


  1. My condolences! I hate to be laughing at the moment but that cartoon is AWESOME :D I like the corny stuff. I hope you feel better soon!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Thank you! And laughter is good. We cracked more than a few jokes after the service. ;)

  2. Sorry for your loss :(

    Have you gotten far into Siren's Fury. I'm interested to see what you think (I haven't started it yet)

    1. Thank you. :)

      I made a little progress on Siren's Fury before the cold hit. The beginning is a little slow and heavy, but it picked up recently.

  3. That is great that your family still maintained a sense of humor at all. I think our loved ones would appreciate that.

    Hope your internet comes back soon!

    1. Thanks, Tabitha! Yeah, luckily I was able to get the internet up and running again pretty quickly. Though the new modem/wi-fi router undid all the settings on the other wi-fi router, so I'm debating whether to fix that or leave it.

      Humor makes dark, depressing situations better. :)