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Siren's Fury by Mary Weber eARC (2.5 stars)

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I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy, Storm Siren. Unfortunately, Siren's Fury was a little too much of an angst fest for me. It still technically has a lot of the same themes and conflicts from Book 1, but it boiled down to one main conflict that felt unnecessarily drawn out--that is, it takes up the whole book. That, or I may be heartless. See below for details. ;)

This eARC was provided through NetGalley for review. Some things may have changed in the final version.
Siren's Fury by Mary Weber
Series: Storm Siren #2
Genres: YA, Fantasy
Published on June 2, 2015
Published by Thomas Nelson
Final Rating: 2.5 stars
"I thrust my hand toward the sky as my voice begs the Elemental inside me to waken and rise. But it's no use. The curse I've spent my entire life abhorring—the thing I trained so hard to control—no longer exists."

Nym has saved Faelen only to discover that Draewulf stole everything she valued. Now he’s destroyed her Elemental storm-summoning ability as well.

When Nym sneaks off with a host of delegates to Bron, Lord Myles offers her the chance for a new kind of power and the whispered hope that it may do more than simply defeat the monster she loathes. But the secrets the Bron people have kept concealed, along with the horrors Draewulf has developed, may require more than simply harnessing a darker ability.

They may require who she is.

Set against the stark metallic backdrop of the Bron kingdom, Nym is faced with the chance to change the future.

Or was that Draewulf’s plan for her all along?

Siren's Fury is pretty much all angst and setup. I'm not a big fan of angst, and, while I'm glad to see more of the world and magic, after all the setup in Book 1, we needed action. Where Storm Siren had multiple issues of conflict (controlling powers, self-harm/loathing, slavery, evil boss, forbidden romance, WAR), Siren's Fury has one main goal: destroy Draewulf without killing Eogan.

The story starts slow as Nym deals with the results of Storm Siren's cliffhanger. I lack patience when it comes to extended periods of angst and wavering over a decision, so there's too much whining and despairing for my taste. I might allow some moaning and groaning had Nym killed the bad guy on page 1, but no? Well then, quiet down and get on with life. (Not everyone has my particular brand of compassion for broken hearts, so most readers will likely sympathize with Nym.)

The airship ride continues to be a little slow. The story doesn't really pick up (tension- and pacing-wise) until Nym gets new powers. Then, we return to the training theme of Book 1, but I didn't connect as well with these sequences. Perhaps between we weren't aiming lightning bolts at people? Or I was just angst-ed out at this point. Either way, the real action doesn't kick in until the very end of the book. On the bright side, we finally see more of the world outside Faelen. We spend time in the capital of Bron, the country that started a war last book, and learn a bit about its people and culture.

I feel the secondary characters were a missed opportunity. In Storm Siren, even though Nym has lots of issues, we constantly had Eogan being tall, dark and broody and Colin providing comic relief. In this book, we had potential for even more humor as well as deeper friendships with Rasha, Myles, Kel, etc., but Nym continually pushes people away and retreats into herself...which results in too much straight narration/stream of consciousness and not enough scenes for me. Consequently, my favorite character in this book is Myles. He's sneaky, he's power-hungry, he has a dry sense of humor, he can't be trusted, he's up to no good, and you want to learn more.

Despite not enjoying Siren's Fury as much as Storm Siren, I'm still interested to see more beautiful cover art, how the author wraps up this trilogy, who dies (if you follow her Instagram account, you know someone will die at some point), and I'm looking forward to seeing the country of Cashlin and meeting Rasha's mom. (I'm picturing her personality as a mix of the Queen of England, Margaret Thatcher, and Vladimir Putin.)

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