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Favorite Top 10 Topics Ever Done


In honor of five years of Top 10 Tuesday, this week's topic is "10 Favorite Top 10 Topics We've Ever Done In The Past Five Years." First of all, head on over to The Broke and the Bookish and congratulate them on FIVE years of Top 10 Tuesday topics. I don't know the math, but that's massive! And then check below for my favorite Top 10 topics:

(originally Top 10 Favorite Classic Books or Top Ten Classics I Want To Read)

(originally Top 10 Underrated Authors or Books in X Genre)

(For Readers Who Like X)


That's it for this round of 10! Thanks for stopping by and check back tomorrow for this week's Updates! In which I cleaned out my closet. :)


  1. TBTB has had some good topics in the past! How do they even continue to come up with new list ideas?! I like looking through these old lists! Any you would update now?

    1. I'm not sure how they come up with so many ideas, although some of them are seasonal repeats (e.g., spring/summer/fall/winter TBR). As for changing my old lists, I'd probably be to lazy to do it, but possibly I'd think about changing a few. My Top 10 choices are usually influenced by what I'm reading at the time.

  2. I Kel! I love all the cover related posts and it seems that you like the movie related ones. I also enjoy re-tellings :) You post about content tools was very helpful and I created a Canva account, I just need time to play with it a bit now.

    1. Oh yes, I spend lots of time with movies. ;) I think there's a Top 10 retellings topic coming up in August, too! And I'm glad you liked the content tools post! Canva is definitely fun, though I found it's easier to use if I have a specific project in mind. Otherwise, it's like being in a shiny toy store--so many choices, but no idea what you want. :)