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Updates: Bikes and Planes

Two bits of news this week: first, I rode a bicycle! Which, no, doesn't sound very exciting, but it kind of is. I rode my bike everywhere as a kid, up until we moved to South Jersey. The bikes didn't come with us, and 2-3 years later, I was driving anyway. So I haven't really rode a bike in close to 10 years. *gasp* And this past week I rode it twice through my neighborhood. My balance still isn't what it once was, but I can officially say I exercised. Success!

The other news: I'm heading back to Florida! For a day, literally. Florida + day = Floriday! But yeah, my mom's dad is turning 90 this July, so I'll catch an early morning flight, my sister will pick me up on her drive to the party and drop me off for an evening flight on her way home. Super quick turnaround, and I'll have an hour drive when I get back (which means no Dramamine on either flight), but it'll be worth the trip I think, and I can sleep in the next morning. :)

Do any of you do quick travel day trips? I've done them before via car/bus/train, but only once or twice by plane.

Also, did anyone else see the news that Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles short stories are being collected into a book (yay!), but with a February 2016 release that's pushing Heartless back to November 2016? Again? Really? :/


After a super long wait between reading the NetGalley sample and my library getting the finished product, I have finished V.E. Schwab's A Darker Shade of Magic and am pleased to say it earned the coveted 4 stars. Though I'm not sure I'm going to split my reading like that again; the sample was approximately a quarter to a third of the book, and I remembered it well enough to pick up where I left off, but the emotional state had to be slowly regained. I also finished Rebel Mechanics late last night (more like early this morning...), and I was pleasantly surprised! It's a little romance, a little magic, a little steampunk and a little adventure with a tiny schmidge of politics. 

Currently Reading:

These are the options I'm leaning toward for my next read. Three BEA books and one oldie I need to read before its eARC sequel. Any recommendations?

That's it for this week's happenings! Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my review of Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Stout! In which a girl runs away to South Korea. :)


  1. Those four books all look like fantastic choices! But I'll vote Midnight Thief because I want to read it soon :)

    1. I'm not the only one who hasn't read Midnight Thief yet?! I guess that means it's next in line. :)