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Updates: Closets and Genre Jumping

Closet Clean-Out:
This weekend, I tackled a long overdue task: I cleaned out my closet. Surprisingly, it didn't take as long and wasn't as stressful as I'd imagined. I had three piles (keep, give away, and maybe) and got outside input to help me decide on the maybe's (95% of which then went to give away). I forgot to take a picture at the very start, but here's a look at the process/results.

I wound up with 1.5 bags of clothes plus a box of shoes and dropped it off at Goodwill the same day I finished so it wouldn't sit lingering in the corner for a year...because that can happen. ;)

The empty hangers and shelf space give a good sense of how much was cleared. I'm not a super organization nerd, but I do feel better looking at my closet now, knowing exactly what's in it and that I'll actually wear all of it. And even better, the stuff I cleaned out can get passed on to new owners who will make use of it. Less waste! :)


I finished Six of Crows. It has a really interesting setting and I was mildly invested in a few of the characters; but it went from Mission Impossible to Mission Melancholy (and angst) which, along with a few other issues, really dragged down the entertainment value. And threw me into a bit of a reading funk...

Currently Reading:
I picked up another book soon after finishing Six of Crows, but it was also about a thief in a fantasy city...and I just wasn't ready to dive into something so similar. I looked through the other books on my summer list and, horror of horrors, none sparked my interest.

I think there are a couple of culprits. One, I just had a book I was super excited for disappoint, and it curtailed my excitement for other books. Two, I think I felt the need to distance myself from that disappointment, which was turning me off reading fantasy...which is really bad because that's, like, my entire collection.

So I turned on my Nook, read the first pages of a few titles, and finally settled on a light historical drama I'd grabbed for free, The Widow of Larkspur Inn. I had zero expectations going in, and it's a completely different genre from my usual. And that's been good. I think I needed a palate cleanser.

Does this ever happen to you? For one reason or another, you need to jump genres and read something totally different?

That's it for this week's happenings! Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my review of Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson! In which a new American Revolution is brewing and it's steam v. magic. :)


  1. My closet doesn't need too much cleaning out but I'll be moving into a new apartment soon... so I need to organize things :D I'm glad you kind of enjoyed Six of Crows? Sounds a bit disappointing given all the hype, but that doesn't mean I don't want to read it ;D And thank you in advance, there will be much flailing when I get home on Friday!

    I hope you enjoy your next read! Have a lovely week, Kel :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Organizing: that thing we should do but--oh, look! Something shiny and NOT organizing! ;)

      Just about everyone else seems to have loved Six of Crows, so I have a feeling I'll be the odd one out. Which means there's a very good chance you'll love it! Speaking of, it'll hopefully arrive tomorrow-ish. Happy reading!

  2. I need to clean out my closet again, too. Preferably when I can go shopping again; cleaning closets always makes me want to go clothes shopping (even though it kind of undoes the whole purpose of cleaning one's closet out).

    Did you read Leigh Bardugo's other trilogy at all? I'm in a slight reading funk myself, though it's mostly because I want to work on my own novels and I'm also just tired. Absolutely loving "A Darker Shade of Magic," but not really in a reading mood.

    1. There are a few pieces I'm keeping an eye out for, but otherwise, I'm happy to see my closet stay small. :)

      I haven't read Bardugo's Grisha trilogy, though I vaguely remember picking it up and trying a page at some point. I think sometimes, horrible though it is to say, we're just not in reading moods. I think, especially as bloggers, it's hard to give ourselves permissions to not read. But you most certainly can write instead of read for a while! (And I'm glad you're loving ADSOM!)

  3. You should come clean out my closet! I am sad that you didn't love Six of Crows, I cannot wait to read it, but I will go into it with a better idea now
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I could! I'm actually better about cleaning for other people than I am for myself. ^^; Hopefully, you'll have better luck with Six of Crows. I know some readers loved the elements that slowed it down for me. :)

  4. I need to clean out my dresser. I don't use my closet, it's just barely big enough to fit ME into. And the door sticks so bad I actually haven't been able to open it for the last 7 months or so. Luckily the closet is empty! I have a hanging rack in the laundry room for anything that needs to hang up, and everything else is stuffed into my dresser. I came across a shirt the other day I didn't even remember I HAD... Maybe I'll work on that this weekend... *laughs*

    I do sometimes need to read a book out of my normal fantasy genre. I have a few non-romance YA contemporaries on my TBR shelf, and a dark fantasy or dark near-horror as well. I've been saving them for when I hit those reading slumps. It also helps sometimes to read a different sub-genre. If I've been reading a lot of paranormal say, I'll try a dark fantasy or middle grade.

    1. Hmm, maybe time to remove the closet door altogether? Then it couldn't stick, and you could add a tension rod or open shelves (built-in bookcase?) or put up a bar the other way and hang clothes horizontally. (I watch way too much HGTV and DIY.) I came across a couple of T-shirts I didn't remember; that shelf was definitely the messiest. Oddly, I've found that I do best with open shelving. With drawers, I grab whatever's on top and wind up never wearing the rest.

      Tackling a sub-genre is a good idea! Just different enough to take you to a different headspace. :)

  5. I typically genre jump after reading something fantatsic. If a fantasy book was just amazing, I can't read another fantasy book because I would be too busy comparing the two.
    Or I genre jump just for fun ;)

    1. Genre jumping for fun sounds good! Though I won't complain about reading several fantastic fantasy novels in a row. ;)