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Updates: DIY and Batman

I had a nice mix of productivity and laziness this week. I did a bit of reading, went to one of Home Depot's free workshops, and vegged out to classic cartoons. The Home Depot workshop was more of an informal information session (a.k.a., no hands on), but it did have a small demo on drywall repair and it's not a bad idea to get some basic ideas and have a staff person handy to answer all your questions.

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Netflix and Amazon enable my cartoon superhero moods. Netflix has all the old Justice League (Unlimited) stuff plus newer takes on X-Men and the Avengers; and Amazon Prime has--wait for it--Batman and Superman. As in, the amazing animated series of the 90's. Nostalgia ahoy!

On a slightly scarier note, I finally ordered a laptop for law school--my first Mac. And it was muy, muy caro. Mucho dinero. O.O But I think it'll work well for school and (hopefully) carry on for many years after.


I stayed on schedule for a week! My two review copies read were Beastly Bones and Daughter of Dusk, and I fit in a couple of graphic novels from the library, too. Nimona has cute art and some funny moments, though the knight romance didn't really make sense for the characters to me. Aphrodite and Ares both presented interesting takes on the larger-than-life Greek gods and famous myths.

Currently Reading:

It's taking me a little to get into the writing style--the sentence structures have a very different feel from my last two books, but I'm only a few pages in. The world is reminding me a bit of the Roman Empire, and it's definitely piqued my interest.

That's it for this week's happenings! Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my review of Daughter of Dusk by Livia Blackburne! In which a thief dances with wolvescats. :)


  1. You HAD to tell me Amazon has Batman cartoons, didn't you? I have 2 library books I need to finish, and Penguin just sent me my first unsolicited ARC. And now all I want to do is binge on Batman cartoons! *laughs* He's always been my favorite, hands down all-time superhero. And I loved the '90's cartoons with him!

    1. I believe this is an appropriate time for #sorrynotsorry. ;) I'm such a geek, but I still love those 90's Batman and Superman shows. And, like Netflix, stuff doesn't always stay available on Prime forever, so I feel like I should watch as much as I can now...especially since the Batman TAS DVD's are like $30 each and I don't think Superman ever got a full release. Nerd rant over. :)

  2. Ooo a Mac! I would love one but they are really expensive. I just got myself a new cheap PC, lol.

    I've read a couple of Kate Elliott books and I remember them being a little hard to pick up. I'm looking forward to Court of Fives

    1. They ARE expensive. My wallet still can't believe it, but I'm hoping for zero problems and many, many, many years of good use out of it. Hope you enjoy Court of Fives!