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Updates: BookitCon Recap

One week to go until orientation. Start praying. A lot. Summer is officially over.

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And in other news, this Sunday was the first ever BookitCon! Which was pretty fun, and I met someone else with my same first/last name! I don't know the numbers, but the turnout seemed decent and there was a Starbucks right around the corner when I required caffeine. ;)

I actually remembered to take pictures for a change. (Jodi and Izzy got several shots in their lovely cloaks, but my blog can only handle so much glitter without crashing. There was a LOT of glitter.) Everything ran really smoothly for a first-time event, and I'd say it was a great success. Can't wait to see what Nori puts together next! :)

I had some difficulties with the main character, exacerbated by the first person narration, but the Inception/body snatching concept is pretty cool.

Currently Reading:

I'm literally only a few pages in, so no real impressions yet. Except that I'm behind on my reading schedule and need to stop worrying about law school stuff and catch up on my books asap. ;)

That's it for this week's happenings! Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my review of The Drafter by Kim Harrison! In which a woman repeatedly loses her memory. :)


  1. Dreamstrider looks amazing, all shades of envious that you're reading it already! I hope you enjoy it! Bookitcon looked amazing, I can't believe Nori has only been blogging for a year, she's such a powerhouse.

    1. Haha, yeah, I got approved for an eARC and then had to rush to finish it (the night) before BookitCon. ^^ On the dark side, no physical copy to sign, but I got Lindsay to sign my hardcover of Sekret (which I still have to read). Has Nori really only blogged for a year?! But she's so insanely organized and on top of things! Wow.