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Updates: The Short Version

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I've been dogsitting at my house, dogsitting at another house, catsitting at another house, tomorrow and Friday are orientation, class starts Monday, and a professor just changed the required text TODAY. (He's going to post the reading for Monday online, thank goodness.)

I'm still stalled on Black Widow. I might try to finish it this weekend...or it will be pushed to the side because I have a ton of reading homework already. I grabbed a couple of graphic novels from the library in the meantime. Lumberjanes was okay; yay for friendship and adventure, but a few little things that marred the experience and the art seemed inconsistent. The new Ms. Marvel (volumes 1 and 2) wasn't bad. I wasn't jumping up and down, but it was enjoyable enough.

And that's it. Yep. Like I said, short. :) Thanks for stopping in and check back tomorrow for my review of Updraft by Fran Wilde! In which people fly and die and fly some more. :)

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