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Top 10 Books on My Fall TBR

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HA! *rolling on floor laughing....and crying* No really, law students don't read. We study.


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Updates: A Little Reading...

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And a lot of reading. Homework reading that is, which I don't think counts. It's not fun enough to count. ;)

It's amazing, though, how your totem pole of priorities changes once school starts. Not that you can actually work according to it, but mine probably looks something like this:

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Updates: Law School Sucks You In

Assuming I don't have a mental breakdown today, I have officially survived the first two weeks of law school! And I get a break to catch up on everything with the Monday holiday! Actually, there isn't that much to "catch up on" exactly, but you still have the tons of readings to prep for classes and a couple of writing assignments just got tossed in the pot, too.

To make up for the dearth of posts, here are a few doodles to amuse:


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