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Updates: A Little Reading...

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And a lot of reading. Homework reading that is, which I don't think counts. It's not fun enough to count. ;)

It's amazing, though, how your totem pole of priorities changes once school starts. Not that you can actually work according to it, but mine probably looks something like this:

And, surprisingly enough, I've even gotten a little fun reading in over the last weekend or two. All those books that have been sitting on my shelves waiting to be read finally have a chance because they're short, conveniently accessible and they give me a break from homework. :)

Since my last post, I went back and finished Black Widow: Forever Red (full review up later this week), The Woken Gods (not as good as Blackwood, but not as bad as Girl on a Wire) and First Test by Tamora Pierce (which I enjoyed, but I don't think I'll continue the series).

Hope everyone's having a great fall! :)

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