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Just realized it's been FOREVER since my last post. We're about halfway through the semester! I still have torts reading and legal writing (and hopefully some Netflix-ing) to do tonight, so here's a super quick recap of life. Which has strangely continued despite law school. ;)

I had a birthday! On which I had school, work, and someone stole my soda from the community mini-fridge. Not cool, whoever you are. :/  I also got some lovely waterproof boots that should see me through flooded parking lots and snowy sidewalks this winter. :)

I joined a law student club with some service and networking opportunities.

I completed my one midterm.

And I did a little reading...

Finished The Book Thief audiobook--not necessarily the lightest story, but it was well written and well narrated. I'm glad I finally got to read/listen to it.

Read an e-book freebie, Lady of Devices, which felt a little inconsistent and ended in a strange place, but was still pretty enjoyable.

Read The Secret School, because I needed something short, and apparently I only read like one Avi book as a kid.

That's about it for now. I hope everyone's having a lovely fall and enjoying the cooler weather!

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