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Looking Back at 2015

With the help of a few last minute comics, the Goodreads Challenge has been conquered! It's been an interesting year in books. I read more advance copies this year (eARC's and ARC's from BEA)...and then my reading dropped off to almost zero when law school started. ^^; Still, not a bad year.

I added in a few more comics and graphic novels, and I read a couple of free independent ebooks, too. On the dark side, the majority were only 2 stars. That's a little disappointing. :(


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Christmas Report & Giveaway

Important stuff first: I'm hosting a Twitter giveaway with a bunch of ARC's and signed copies. It's open until January 4th. Go forth and retweet!

Right, now that's taken care of, I had a pretty wonderful Christmas in Florida. It was super weird saying "Merry Christmas" in 80-degree weather, and it never fully felt quite like Christmas, but it was a good trip. The being in Florida part. The 16-18 hour car rides...well, let's just say car rides and I don't exactly get along. :P


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Semester Ends, Christmas Begins

I'm dreaming of a whitewarm Christmas. I'm visiting the sister and attending a wedding in Florida, which I hear is somewhere in the 70°s and 80°s. Although, we've been having pretty warm weather here the past few days. I think we hit 75° yesterday afternoon. It was absolutely beautiful. If this is global warming, bring it on! ;) Of course, looks like we're back to normal December temperatures this weekend, so best enjoy it while it lasts.

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I have one more exam and paper to complete, and then I'll scramble to pack and get Christmas presents in order. We aren't doing much this year, but I found the same Santa countdown decoration my parents have on eBay and, with a little craftiness, will be giving that to the sister (who never reads my blog and kind of already knows she's getting it, so I'm (hopefully) not ruining the surprise).


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