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2015 Reading Stats

My friend Alyssa over at Eater of Books is ridiculously amazing. Not only does she do an insane amount of reading in addition to school, but she has missed 0 posting days since December 2012. ... I have no words to describe this awesomeness.

Anyway, last year I saw her end-of-year reading stats post and thought, hey, I should keep a spreadsheet, too. I'd love to see what my reading patterns look like. So I did. Until law school started, and then just no. But I went back and filled in a couple of the columns because curiosity = Gollum and does not give up. :)

So, I read 75 books this year. Not every chart includes all 75 because I didn't fill in all the boxes for everything, especially the graphic novels which were a little hard to sort. Now, charts!

 Including the YA-crossovers, YA still has a clear majority, but I expanded into Adult and Middle Grade books more this year.

It came as no surprise that almost 3/4 of my books involved some sort of fantasy genre, but I was surprised to see the contemporary (and romance) numbers creeping up.

Sadly, the most disappointing stats of the year. Most of my 2015 reads were 2 stars. :( I'll have to be a lot pickier in 2016.

Although this makes it look like I did nothing but start tons of new series...well yeah, I guess I kind of did. But there are lots of standalones in there, too! And honestly, I won't continue a lot of the series I started. Either I didn't like the first book enough to read more, or I'm content with how it ended and don't want to ruin happy memories. :)

Between eARC's and BEA ARC's, the majority of 2015 reads were, you guessed it, published in 2015. I'd like to spend more time in 2016 tracking down backlist books I was excited for.

These numbers surprised me a bit. I don't usually read a lot of ebooks, but I wound up going through a few freebies on my laptop, and my graphic novel numbers went up, too.

My cheapskate habits continue.

I wasn't surprised, but it was interesting to see the breakdown.

Again, I wasn't necessarily surprised, just interested to see the numbers.

And those are my 2015 stats! Do any of you keep a reading spreadsheet? Did you come across any stats that surprised you this year?


  1. Way cool! I'm working on a stats post now, but nothing this fancy. The 2 star rating makes me sad, I hope you find better books this year!

    1. I can't wait to see your stats, Samantha! The 2 stars make me sad, too, but I have high hopes for this year. :)

  2. I don't keep spreadsheets :/ Wish I did, but it seems beyond me. I sure like all those pretty graphs though! All the 2 star ratings are a bummer. Time to find more of what you love this year!

    1. I'm hoping Goodreads will expand its "stats" offerings sometime soon and do all this for us. :P But if you're interested in trying it in the meantime, I can email you a copy of mine. (At the end, I literally highlight a column, go to: Insert, Chart, Pie, change title.)

      Yeah, the 2 stars are a little annoying, but no worries. 2016 will be good!

  3. GIRL. Why so many two-star ratings?! That's the thing that stuck out to me the most. I'd say you're already a picky reader (aren't we all?), and you want to be pickier OMG. :O But I think a solid chunk of the books that you didn't like, I didn't either, so that's fair, right? :D I hope you have a happier year in reading, Kel! Best of luck with law school and life. :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Thanks, Alyssa! I did some quick recon: the 2 star pool is made up of: 11 ebook freebies, 15 graphic novels, 15 ARCs/eARCs, and 6 other books. I read more ebook freebies and comics because they were quick, no-pressure reads (perfect for law school :P), and they weren't necessarily bad, just okay--time killers, like most TV. ;) But having so many advance copies in there is a little sad, and they come with deadlines. I'll definitely have to get pickier about those.