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5 Steps to a Productive Spring Break

As all university students know, there is no "break" in spring break. It's more of a non-stop, mad dash to catch up on homework and projects. (I'm also trying to clear the mountains sitting on my desk at work.)

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But honestly, as soon as class ends, homework is the last thing you want to do. So here are 5 steps to avoid spending the whole week on the couch watching Netflix:

1. Complete a task - any task.
Especially on the first day or two when school sounds abhorrent, tackle those little jobs you don't have time for during the semester. (For me, this was cleaning up the giant pile of junk on the kitchen table, trading in old textbooks, hanging up winter coats and shelving the piles of books on the living room floor.)

2. Do the work early so you can relax later.
Procrastination comes naturally, but then it feels like you're never really relaxing. You're worrying about all the work that has to be done, and then you're super stressed trying to finish everything at the last minute. If you can, do the work first and then completely relax for a few days with no worries at all.

3. Set a schedule.
If you're waiting until you feel like it to do'll never feel like it. Plan a few days and block out time to sit down and git 'er done.

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4. Pick the right place.
Go where you can do your best work. Having your kitchen, bathroom and couch is wonderful, but home may not be the best spot to do homework. If you're prone to distractions (e.g., TV), pack a lunch and spend the afternoon at school or the library or wherever your mind is geared toward work.

5. It's okay to take little breaks...
But keep them short and structured with specific end times. It's WAY too easy for five minutes of Jeopardy to turn into five hours of Rurouni Kenshin.

Hopefully I'll follow these steps and have a happy spring break, but I think these tips apply to any kind of vacation or time off. What are your secrets to staying productive?


  1. Coffee :) I have to leave my phone across the room so I don't check it or answer texts!

    1. I can't believe I forgot the all-important caffeine! And yes, removing distractions can be big. My problem is almost all my distractions are on my computer...which I need to do the work. D: