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Those Who Can't Draw...

...Use online doll maker games!

Have any of you ever messed around with these before? There are whole sites full of them! Granted, some games have so-so art or, like, 3 clothes/hair/eye choices, but some of these things are really pretty and super in-depth!

I got the creative itch last weekend looking at some of Happy Hello Art's magnetic bookmarks on Etsy. They're really cute (and not super expensive). I definitely recommend checking out her Etsy store. There are a lot of options!

Unfortunately, a lot of them are from books I haven't read or didn't love, and then there's the whole "unnecessary spending" ban (which I almost broke yesterday when I saw a hardcover of Dreamer's Pool at ShopRite for $3!!). So, I started wondering whether I could make something comparable for cheap.

First I needed cute character pictures.'s been a while since I drew anything. Good results were unlikely (and I was feeling a bit lazy), so I googled for a free chibi doll game. A few clicks and a ridiculous amount of time later...

You're dealing with finite options (in the game I used), so none of them are exact replicas, but I think a few came out okay enough to remind you of the right character.

I have some magnetic and sticker paper lying around, so I'm hoping to make something with them. Maybe not magnetic bookmarks--because I usually just grab whatever scrap of paper is lying around--but something cute and silly. And cheap!

What do you think? On to Phase 2 or abandon ship? Can you guess who all the characters are?


  1. On to Phase 2, definitely! :)

  2. Phase 2! The Anna and Elsa are cute!

    1. Thanks, Alyssa! I realized after the fact using Elsa's coronation outfit made her more color coordinated with Anna.