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Updates: BN Teen Fest & Kiss of Deception

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I went to the Saturday events at my local store for Barnes & Noble's Teen Book Festival. (I thought about going Friday and Sunday, but Friday night I got sushi and watched Pride, Prejudice & Zombies; and Sunday I went to a free brunch, got home and was deeply saddened by the events in Orlando (and further depressed by some angry, vicious tweets in my Twitter feed), and went down to the pool to do some quiet reflection and reading.)

While they weren't quite as organized (or clear about what was going on when) as I'd have liked, it was still a pretty fun time. I ran into a couple of people from my undergrad alma mater (same writing program and everything!), and we hung out and chatted in between events.

The author panel was really fun and entertaining. Victoria Scott, Eric Smith and Christy Sloat all had great things to say, and they were so laid back and funny and just really great.

I'm not a big swag collector, but I grabbed a few of the booklets to help with compiling the TBR list, and one of them had a preview of a book someone recommended (Maresi). The coloring book has a few nice covers (and a few genuinely scary author renderings). We created a community-written mini-story by tossing around a Grumpy Cat plush to pick the next sentence writer. Somehow, it turned into a creepy, stalker-ish, alien/monster story? And then we all totally failed at spelling Harry Potter, Dr. Who and LOTR words. The store folks were nice and gave us little tote bags and a copy of Afterworlds in exchange for our group humiliation. ;)

On the reading front, I finished The Kiss of Deception. I get why it's accumulated such a devoted following. The writing is good and it took what could have been a disastrous love triangle and made it mostly bearable. Unfortunately, I didn't click with the characters, so I probably won't be continuing the series. On the bright side, I'm having fun reading a cute little middle grade story with adorable illustrations--Finding Serendipity.

In other life news, I started computer tutoring again for the summer, my internship starts soon, and I shopped at an Aldi for the first time. Still need to hit the beach. And I'm still on a buying ban, but I'm thinking it might be time for another Twitter giveaway?

How is your summer going?

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  1. I wish I can go to Barnes and Noble's Teen Book Festival one day. We have now a lot of book festivals for the readers.