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Apparently I'm a Romance Reader?

I'm generally not a big romance person. I'll take it as a subplot, but even then I'm super picky about which romances I like. So it's super weird to look at my 2016 reading stats and realize I've read a lot of romance novels this year.
Like...weird. I can probably attribute the shift to reading a lot of free e-books that I can breeze through in a night or two. They're good for an escape from law school homework--no pressure, no high expectations, etc.

Unfortunately, a large number of these romance reads were 1-stars for me. So I got through them quickly, but when it came time to review, I couldn't say I liked them. :P

Has anyone else experienced a shift in genre reading preferences this year?

In other news, there's been some crazy stuff in the news and less than courteous discourse on both sides in the wake of the election. So everyone be safe, report/speak up if you see something, and encourage respectful agreement and disagreement. :)


  1. I am not a huge romance person either. I mean, I LOVE romance but only when it is part of a bigger plot, like you. I am sorry that a lot of them were 1-stars, too. I feel like over the past year or two, I have been reading much more fantasy/sci-fi. And less contemporary I think. This is so fun to think about, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Yep, that's usually me, too, and I'm usually almost exclusively SFF. It is fun (and strange) to see the trends over time, especially compared year to year. Maybe Goodreads will add something similar? I guess the moral of the story is: my reading habits go wacko while in school. ^^