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How to Make Money Buying Books

If you're a book buying addict, you love books. You love getting them, reading them, re-reading them!

You may love spending all that money a little less. But just a little. Books are worth it.

But, just in case your wallet has you in tears, here are a few ways to make a little money while buying all those books. So you can buy more books! ;)

Disclaimer: I'm not being paid for any of the following referrals. They're just services I've used and not hated. :)

Ebates is probably the easiest way to get money back from a variety of places. If you haven't used them before, you sign up for free, start your shopping trips at their site and get a percentage of your purchase back. The amount varies per store. It's small, but it adds up, especially if you buy a ton of books. (Side note: definitely start here for bigger purchases like flights and hotels. 2-5% of that is huge.)

The bad news: Amazon only offers cash back on a few categories, and books aren't one of them.

The good news: the rest of these guys DO offer cash back for books:
(cash back percentages listed are as they appeared on 1/29/17; they do change)

  1. Barnes & Noble - 3% cash back
  2. Books-A-Million - 1.5% cash back
  3. The Book Depository - 2.5% cash back
  4. Kobo - 5% cash back
  5. Chapters/Indigo - 1-5% cash back
  6. Book Outlet - 5% cash back
  7. Better World Books - 3% cash back
  8. Walmart - 3% cash back

There are also some membership programs out there, but most have annual fees. :P There are a few tell-a-friend, get a 20% off coupon things too. I don't usually bother with them, but if you know people who will definitely buy once invited, go for it!

ThriftBooks has a customer loyalty program I do use. There's no membership fee. You earn a $5 coupon for every $50 you spend.

That's all for now! School's been kicking my butt and I'm sorry to say I haven't been reading much. Hopefully that'll change soon. :)

Do you have any money-making secrets for book shopping? What are your favorite sites and loyalty programs?


  1. I keep hearing about ebates, but getting cash back for buying books? I'm in!


    1. It definitely adds up faster for more expensive items (like flights, hotels, etc.), but if you buy books regularly, might as well get a little back, right? :)

  2. I sometimes buy books from Book Depository because of the cash back, tbh! I mean, sure it only ends up being like, 30 cents, but if I am buying the book anyway, the money is better off in my pocket than not! ALSO! I have not been on Book Outlet for awhile, due to sheer brokeness, but I am SO excited that they have cash back now! They hadn't for the longest time. Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. Very true! Every cent back is a cent toward more books. :D You're welcome, Shannon!