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5 Ways to Work Your Working Vacation

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I'm spending my spring break doing pro bono work in Atlanta. In between business hours, there's a bit of breathing room to have a little vacation time. A working vacation! :)

I came with a majorly long to-do list--so the trick is making myself work during my free time--but the same principles can be used for better, more fun purposes.


It's super tempting to spend every possible second in bed and not face the work day until you absolutely have to (aka, every day at home). Here's the thing: don't. Set your alarm for an hour or two earlier, wander down to the continental breakfast (with or without your phone/laptop), sit down and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. What says vacation like a relaxed breakfast?

Bonus: now that you're up, leave for the office early and do a little exploring. See the sights on your way, take a detour through a park or just enjoy the walk.

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