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Where to Shop for Bargain Books

I wrote about how to make money while buying books online a couple months ago. But there's nothing like the excitement of digging through a stack of physical books.

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Or you just don't want to pay shipping. Either way, here are a few places to check out on your next book hunting adventure!

For Used Books:

Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat ReStores, etc. - Thrift stores that take donations often have big book sections. Downside: they're usually older and the condition ranges from like-new to dead. Upside: they're usually older titles, so you can find old favorites, beloved authors' backlists or gems you've never heard of.

Price range: $0.25 - $2.00

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Yard sales, Library sales - A lot of the same pros and cons as thrift stores, but the quality tends to be a little more consistent. You might have to dig a little harder as these sales rarely use bookshelves, but you can walk away with great deals. Library books might even have those nice plastic covers that cut away to reveal a beautiful, clean dust jacket.

Price range: $0.25 - $2.00

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Used Bookstores - The prices can run a little higher, usually about half list price, but a lot of them offer trade-in credit, and the selections may be more curated.

For New Books:

Half Price Books - I've never been to one (please build one near me!), but I've heard you can find good deals here. Can anyone confirm?

Dollar Tree - This has become my new go-to for bargain hunting. The books are new (sometimes there's a small remainder mark), generally in good shape, and you even get some semi-recent titles in there. It requires a little digging, which is fine because organizing bookshelves is a stress reliever for me, haha. Also:

Price Range: $1.00

Ollie's Bargain Outlet - I just discovered this the other day, and I'm pretty sure it's a regional thing, but if you have an Ollie's or similar store, go check it out. It's quirky and weird, but it's such an adventure literally digging through the stacks on every shelf!

Price Range: $0.99 - $4.99

They had a lot of kids' picture books and board books, a pretty large YA section, a large inspirational fiction section, general fiction, and a bunch of cookbooks and coffee table books.

Most of the YA books were older and/or lesser known titles, but I found a number of more recent, bigger name authors, too. :)

Which of these places have you tried? Any other stores you'd recommend?


  1. Unfortunately I have zero budget for books so I borrow form the library but I have indeed seen great books at the dollar store! :) great list!

    1. Thank you! The library is always a good choice! Which reminds me, I need to get a new card now that I'm never near my old one...

  2. Book Outlet is great for finding really cheap (and recent) new books! I love it and now they offer free shipping. I also love dollar tree!

    Great post!

    I thought I was subscribed to your email updates before but I wasn't. :( I am now :)

    1. I haven't used Book Outlet for a bit, but the free shipping could be a game changer. And they tend to have a higher percentage of cash back than B&N and BAM on eBates. :) Thanks so much, Michelle!